BCS Standings 2012: Predicting the Top 25 after Week 11

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BCS Standings 2012: Predicting the Top 25 after Week 11
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The latest BCS Standings are set to come out on Sunday night and without question, there is going to be some shakeups near the top of the standings.

Undoubtedly, the biggest surprise of the week was Alabama falling at home to Texas A&M. That loss will drop the Crimson Tide, but just how far?

Serious questions linger as to whether or not the SEC is going to get a team into the BCS National Championship.

There are now three undefeated teams remaining, and it looks like Oregon and Kansas State are in the driver's seat to meet for all the marbles.

No. 11 Oregon State had a legitimate chance to jump into the Top 10 and put themselves in prime position for a BCS Bowl before losing this week to Stanford. 

It still looks right now like the SEC will have five teams in the top eight, just like it did last week. Texas A&M could be the sixth team in the Top 10 if everything falls into place.

The biggest question when the polls come out on Sunday night will be just how far Texas A&M jumps. They currently sit at No. 15, but a win over Alabama has to move them up at least a few spots in the rankings.

Georgia is also a team to look out for. The Bulldogs dismantled Auburn and have been on fire in recent weeks. The big question is whether or not they'll jump to No. 4 in front of Alabama or stay at No. 5.

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It is almost a certainty that Northwestern, Mississippi State and Toledo will drop out of the rankings.

What new teams will jump in and replace them?

Here is a prediction of what the BCS Standings could look like when they are released Sunday Night on ESPN:

                    Team                                          Record

No. 1            Kansas State                               10-0 

No. 2            Oregon                                        10-0

No. 3            Notre Dame                                 10-0

No. 4            Georgia                                        9-1

No. 5            Alabama                                      9-1

No. 6            Florida                                         9-1

No. 7            LSU                                            8-2

No. 8            South Carolina                             8-2

No. 9            Florida State                                9-1

No. 10          Oklahoma                                    7-2

No. 11          Clemson                                      9-1

No. 12          Texas A&M                                  8-2

No. 13          Stanford                                      8-2

No. 14          Nebraska                                    8-2

No. 15          Texas                                         8-2

No. 16          Louisville                                    9-1

No. 17          Oregon State                              7-2

No. 18          UCLA                                         8-2

No. 19          USC                                           7-3

No. 20          Louisiana Tech                            9-1

No. 21          Texas Tech                                 7-3

No. 22          Rutgers                                       8-1

No. 23          Michigan                                    7-3

No. 24          Arizona                                      6-4

No. 25          Boise State                                8-2

It seems likely that Georgia is going to jump Alabama as the top one-loss team. Either way, it doesn't matter much as the two are likely to play each other in the SEC Championship game.

Louisville is certain to suffer a huge drop, probably the biggest of anybody still inside the Top 25.

There is a chance Mississippi State will remain in the Top 25, but a two-loss Boise State team should finish just ahead of them for the final spot.

With a few other teams knocking on the door, it should be an interesting final three weeks of the regular season.

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