Gene Chizik: Big Win over Georgia Wouldn't Save Auburn Head Coach's Job

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Gene Chizik: Big Win over Georgia Wouldn't Save Auburn Head Coach's Job
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Gene Chizik's days at Auburn are numbered.

Even if the Tigers pull out a win over No. 5 Georgia, it won't erase the horrible season the Tigers have endured this season.

CBS Sports reports that sources have already indicated Auburn president Jay Gogue is set to pull the trigger on Chizik's dismissal.

Most knew the Tigers were in for a season of rebuilding, but no one could have expected a 2-7 record. That type of futility just won't fly within a program with such positive recent history. The Tigers are just two years removed from a national championship.

Obviously, there are graduations and attrition, but this is not even promising for the future. Perhaps Auburn's inability to recruit a quarterback is part of the issue. Clint Moseley and Kiehl Frazier's poor play has been symbolic of the team's struggles.

The two quarterbacks have combined to throw three touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

The last straw could be the horrible effort the Tigers put in on October 27. Texas A&M destroyed the Tigers 63-21 at Jordan-Hare Stadium. USA Today reported that fans started exiting the game at halftime when the Tigers trailed 28-0. Chizik said this:

"I really wasn't focused on that, but if they emptied out at halftime, it's obvious why, and I can't blame them for what they saw. Again, it was just a very poor performance."

That sounds like the words of a beaten man. Chizik is almost giving his exit speech every Saturday. The most recent victory over Mew Mexico St. means nothing. Even if the Tigers win their final three games, they won't play in a bowl game.

With Alabama waiting to destroy them in the Iron Bowl, it seems they are destined for at least one more loss. If Chizik makes it out of the regular it will be a mere formality.

The Tigers have to move in a different direction.

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