To KERS or Not to KERS?

Daniel LamCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

To KERS or Not to KERS?

This may be the question on the lips of many.

KERS, like many things in life, has many advantages and disadvantages, and with the season starting in just under 10 days, most teams, albeit those still testing at Jerez, will be finalising the preparations of their cars and equipment to be transported down under to Melbourne, Australia.

And many, if all, have made the decision whether to run KERS. Currently BMW, Williams, Renault and Red Bull Racing appear to be running KERS in Melbourne. Those uncertain to run KERS include Toyota, Ferrari, Toro Rosso, Force India, Brawn, and McLaren.

However, these are from latest reports, and conclusions can only be made once the cars hit the track in Melbourne.

KERS will have its advantages in overtaking, with extra boosts of power gathered from Kinetic Energy from brakes, however, the extra weight affects the brake distribution of the cars, in hand affecting the handling.

Many beefier drivers will have disadvantages, as ballast will be reduced from the front to make way for the weight of KERS.

As KERS can be used several times throughout a lap, one may think it would be common sense for both drivers to activate their systems providing, they have the device equipped onboard.

We will have to wait till the five lights go out to finally pass judgment if the Overtaking Working Group have gotten themselves a straight A or have failed miserably.