Georgia vs. Auburn: Postgame Grades from Tigers' Loss vs. Bulldogs

Stephen Fenech@Fenech2491Correspondent INovember 10, 2012

Georgia vs. Auburn: Postgame Grades from Tigers' Loss vs. Bulldogs

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    The Auburn Tigers were shut out by the Georgia Bulldogs by a score of 38-0. 

    The Tigers were outplayed in every facet of the game and were fortunate that they didn't lose by an even larger margin. 

    This game may be remembered as Gene Chizik's final home game against an SEC opponent, as Auburn hosts Alabama A&M before finishing their season by traveling to Alabama.

    After laying an egg against Georgia, it seems like an even more likely possibility that Chizik will be relieved of his duties at season's end. 

    Let's take a look at the Tigers' final postgame grades and evaluations. 

Jonathan Wallace: D

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    Overall Game Grade: D

    Jonathan Wallace did what he could during the blowout, as he completed 15 of his 22 attempts for 181 yards and one interception. 

    It certainly didn't help that the Georgia Bulldogs pass rush harassed Wallace from start to finish, 

    While Wallace can make things happen with his legs, he could not find a way to get into open space against the Georgia defense. 

    Since Wallace is a freshman, this game will teach him an important lesson. 

    From here on out, he will know what it feels like to be blown out at home.

    If all goes according to plan for the Tigers, Wallace will use this loss to grow as a player and as motivation to work harder during the offseason. 

    Fourth Quarter: F

    On Jonathan Wallace's first throw of the quarter, he made a horrible decision and threw an interception around midfield. 

    Wallace is a freshman, so mistakes like that come with the territory. 

    I shutter to think how tough it would be on Wallace if he had to play without Emory Blake, as he has a hard time finding any other receiver down the field. 

    Wallace has felt comfortable throwing the ball to his backs, although those throws don't tend to be very difficult. 

    The coaching staff has allowed Wallace to take shots down the field, but the opposing pass rush and poor play from wideouts has made it difficult on him to make a big impact. 

    Third Quarter: C-

    Jonathan Wallace made some good looking throws in the third quarter, although he was still running for his life far too often.

    The Auburn Tigers are so inept that it isn't possible to give Wallace a fair judgement because they are below average in most aspects of the game. 

    From what we have seen tonight, it is clear that Wallace is an elusive runner who can make solid throws from inside the pocket at times. 

    To be fair, he has been wildly inconsistent behind what is a lackluster offensive line. 

    Second Quarter: D

    The first play of the second quarter was a 3rd-and-10 and Jonathan Wallace avoided a sack and scrambled for four yards. 

    On the play, Wallace displayed his elusiveness and speed both of which should continue to benefit the program in the future. 

    The coaching staff has called quite a few plays in which Wallace was meant to throw the ball to his running backs, which sends the message that they don't trust his to throw the ball down the field. 

    The Tigers are getting embarrassed, and Wallace is in a no-win situation. The pressure has been constant from the Bulldogs, as it has forced Wallace to run for his life on far too many dropbacks. 

    Wallace completed two of his four attempts in the quarter, as he was prevented more attempts due to the stagnant offense. 

    First Quarter: C+

    On Auburn's second third down of the quarter, Jonathan Wallace stepped up in the pocket and delivered a dart to Emory Blake for a 17-yard first down connection. 

    The Tigers will attempt to utilize a fair share of read-options and quarterback roll-outs to help Wallace find open receivers. 

    Auburn won't be asking Wallace to win them the game from inside the pocket, but he will have to make a few big throws from that area in order to keep the game competitive. 

    In the first quarter, Wallace completed all five of his attempts for 59 yards.

    The problem is that the offense was unable to get into scoring range, and the quarterback gets blame for that. 

Offense: F

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    Overall Game Grade: F

    The Auburn Tigers were shut out by the Georgia Bulldogs, and never took a snap from inside the red zone. 

    Since the Tigers fell behind so quickly, they were forced to abandon the running game by the middle of the second quarter. 

    On the day, Auburn averaged just 2.1 yards per rush, as they consistently lost the battle in the trenches. 

    Emory Blake had a solid game, as he hauled in six passes for 104 yards. His game is tarnished by the fumble that surrendered inside the Bulldogs 10-yardline. 

    If Blake had managed to hold onto the ball, then the Tigers would have likely put some points on the board and avoided the shutout. 

    It was a dreadful performance from the offense and for the first time this season, the Tigers were shutout. 

    Fourth Quarter: F

    Jonathan Wallace threw an interception on the first play of the fourth quarter, and the Tigers punted the ball from inside their own end zone on their next drive. 

    The Georgia Bulldogs defensive line is dominating the line of scrimmage, which is disrupting everything that the Tigers are trying to do offensively.

    The Tigers offense cannot protect their quarterback, which has contributed to their terrible 3-for-11 third down conversion numbers. 

    The running game also struggled, but that could be attributed to poor offensive line play rather than the performance of the running backs. 

    Third Quarter: D-

    The Auburn Tigers unsurprisingly went three-and-out on their first drive of the quarter, as Tre Mason got his bell rung after catching a pass from Jonathan Wallace. 

    Midway through the third quarter, there are serious doubts regarding whether or not the Tigers will be able to avoid getting shutout. 

    The Auburn offense finally got something going, as Wallace found Emory Blake twice for 37 yards on their final drive of the third quarter. 

    Unfortunately nothing can go right for the Tigers for long, as Blake fumbled after making his third reception of the drive while inside the Bulldogs 10-yardline. 

    Another quarter without points for the Tigers, but at least they moved the ball this time around. 

    Second Quarter: F

    Jonathan Wallace found Onterio McCalebb on a screen pass, and the speedy McCalebb hustled downfield for a 33 yard gain. 

    On a 3rd-and-4, the Tigers were called for holding that cancelled out what would have been a manageable 4th-and-1. On the next play, Wallace was sacked and Auburn was forced to punt for the fourth time. 

    The Tigers offense is overmatched by the Bulldogs defense, which all but ensures that this game is going to end in a blowout. 

    First Quarter: C-

    The Auburn Tiger offense failed to get a first down during the game's opening possession.

    It was very telling that the Tigers coaching staff decided to run the ball with Tre Mason on a 3rd-and-8 rather than allow Jonathan Wallace to put the ball in the air. 

    On the Tigers second drive, Emory Blake hauled in two passes for 41 yards. It doesn't come as a surprise to see Blake so involved early and that won't change moving forward. 

    The second drive failed due to a 10-yard loss when Quan Bray was chased down on a trick play. 

    For Auburn to be successful, they will need to run an efficient and balanced attack. 

    The Tigers recorded three first downs in first quarter, as they only managed to move the ball somewhat effectively on one drive. 

Defense: F

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    Overall Game Grade: F

    The Georgia Bulldogs offense compiled 497 yards on offense, as they had no problem scoring touchdowns at will. 

    Aaron Murray had few problems finding open receivers because he threw from a clean pocket for the majority of the game. In the 38-0 rout, Murray threw for 208 yards and three touchdowns. 

    Georgia converted on 8-of-14 third downs, and that rate would have been higher had they not been so conservate in the fourth quarter. 

    Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall, who are the Bulldogs two best running backs, each finished the game with a per-rush average of over 10 yards. 

    If Georgia wanted to, they could have easily amassed more than 50 points against the Tigers defense. 

    Fourth Quarter: F 

    The Auburn Tigers defense managed to forced the Bulldogs to punt on back to back drives, which seemed impossible in the first half. 

    The Bulldogs play calling has become more conservative, as they are clearly going to win this game in a blowout. 

    Third Quarter: F

    The Georgia Bulldogs picked up right where they left off on their first drive of the third quarter, as they drove down the field before being stopped inside the Auburn five-yard line. 

    The stop marked the first time that the Bulldogs were stopped short of a touchdown, although Georgia did hold the ball for over seven minutes. 

    At this point, the Tigers defense is playing just to avoid being embarrassed even more. 

    On the Bulldogs next drive, Keith Marshall took a 3rd-and-one carry up the middle and outran the Auburn defense for another touchdown. 

    Marshall's big run continues to accentuate the point that change has to happen at Auburn, because the product that is being put on the field is inferior to all the other SEC schools.

    The Tigers defense is tackling poorly and somehow managed to allow a touchdown run on in an obvious running situation.  

    Second Quarter: F

    The Georgia Bulldogs first drive of the second quarter saw Aaron Murray's first two incompletions. 

    After a Murray pass fell incomplete on third-down, the Tigers were called for roughing the passer which extended the Bulldogs drive. Mistakes like that will cripple even the best of teams, so it is even more depressing when a team that needs any break they can get makes such an error. 

    The Tigers defense is beginning to look fatigued in the second quarter, as Georgia has had no problem dominating the time of possession. 

    Murray got the wind knocked out of him and was forced to sit out a play. He came back on the next play which was a third down. 

    The Bulldogs converted on each of their first fout third downs, as the Tigers defense cannot find a way to get off the field. 

    Murray hit Tavarres King in the end zone, who managed to get his right foot down prior to stepping out of bounds with his left. 

    The Auburn defense has surrendered touchdowns on each of the Bulldogs first four drives, as things continue to look bleaker and bleaker. 

    The play that perfectly epitomized the first half was a 3rd-and-20 for Georgia with two minutes left, as Keith Marshall took a draw and evaded the poor tackling of the Tigers and converted for the first down. 

    First Quarter: F

    The Georgia Bulldogs offense made a statement early when they drove the field in six plays and scored a touchdown. 

    On the drive, Georgia running back Todd Gurley hit a hole and broke off a 49-yard run.

    Four plays after Gurley's big run, Aaron Murray found wide receiver Chris Conley wide open in the back of the end zone. 

    The Auburn Tiger defense were steamrolled by the Bulldogs offense on the first drive, and if things don't improve, it's going to be a very long night. 

    Murray has had plenty of time in the pocket, while the Bulldog running backs have had few problems finding gaping holes in the Auburn defense. 

    In the first quarter, the defense failed to make a single play that inspired any confidence that they will be able to turn it around. 

    The Bulldogs scored touchdowns on both of their drives in the first quarter, and this game is on the way to blowout city. 

Special Teams: C-

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    Overall Game Grade: C-

    The Auburn special teams unit didn't produce any remarkable results in the blowout. 

    Steven Clark punted the ball eight times for an average of 38.6 yards per attempt, while pinning Georgia inside their 20-yardline once. 

    If you were assigning blame for the blowout based on unit, the special teams would obviously receive the least amount of criticism. 

    Fourth Quarter: C

    Nothing out of the ordinary on special teams, as the domination continued without the Georgia Bulldogs running up the score even more. 

    Third Quarter: C

    Once again nothing remarkable happend on special teams, although Steven Clark did get to punt the ball another time. 

    At this rate, Clark is going to set the school record for punts in a season. 

    Second Quarter: C

    There haven't been many remarkable plays on special teams, as the Auburn Tigers are getting decimated by the Georgia Bulldogs on offense and defense. 

    If the Tigers want to avoid getting shutout, they will likely need to get a big play from the return game to put the offense in a favorable position. 

    First Quarter: C

    The Auburn Tigers punt coverage unit almost pinned the Georgia Bulldogs inside their five-yardline on Steven Clark's second punt of the quarter. 

    However, by the slimmest of margins when the coverage team failed to bat the ball back into play.

    If the Georgia offense continues to dominate the Auburn defense, then the Tigers will need to make up some of the slack on special teams. 

Coaching: F

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    Overall Game Grade: F

    This game may be the biggest embarrassment of the Gene Chizik era, so it is fitting that it may be the final nail in his coffin.

    At this point, I don't see how Auburn could bring him back next season.

    Considering that the Tigers won the National Championship just two years ago, it is startling to see things crumble so quickly. 

    Fourth Quarter: F

    At least it's over, that's how I would explain the blowout that Auburn suffered against Georgia. 

    At least it's almost over, that's how I would explain Gene Chizik's tenure at Auburn. 

    Third Quarter: F

    What else is there to say at this point?

    Auburn allowed a touchdown run on a third-and-one, as they struggled to fill all the gaps on the play. 

    After finally driving the ball down on the field offensivley, Emory Blake fumbled inside the Georgia 10-yardline ending the drive.  

    The end of the Gene Chizik era is drawing nearer and nearer. 

    Second Quarter: F

    This has been an utter embarrassment for the Auburn Tigers, as they are being outplayed in every fact of the game. 

    The Georgia Bulldogs are outplaying, outcoaching and outhustling the Tigers. 

    This is likely going to be Gene Chizik's final home game against a conference foe, as it doesn't seem likely that the school will keep him after this horrid performance at home. 

    First Quarter: F

    The Georgia Bulldogs are a far better football team than the Auburn Tigers are, and that ultimately falls on the coaching staff.

    Gene Chizik may be on the verge of losing his job, and the first quarter only helped to support the argument for those who want him out at Auburn.