Will Isiah Thomas Leave the New York Knicks?

John LewisSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2017

According to NBA experts, Jerry West could get a phone call to run the New York Knicks if Isiah Thomas decides (read: is forced) to leave.

Thomas has pretty much driven the Knicks into the ground.  He has become the laughing stock of the league with his bad free agent signings, lack of team unity, and dysfunctional clubhouse.

While we all know that team owner, James Dolan, told everyone that Thomas' job was safe, he also made an ultimatum last season: Win or go home. 

And if Thomas doesn't return or only survives one more season, West could be the guy to fix the team.  Just a few years ago he won the NBA Executive of the year when he turned around the Memphis Grizzlies in just one season.

But while we speculate whether Thomas should or will be fired, does West really want the job?  Would you want a job that's almost doomed to fail in the first couple of years, a job that would test your patience daily?

We do know that West loves a challenge...and this would be the ultimate challenge.  So may I recommend something to the Knicks ownership: Get rid of Thomas...now.

He's done nothing but made the clubhouse a reality TV show.  Hire a guy that's not just a former great player, but also a winning executive.