WWE: Reality If the Montreal Screw Job Never Took Place; All Who Got Affected

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This week marked the 15th anniversary of the most controversial match finish in history.

The famous Montreal Screw Job in 1997 forever changed the course of professional wrestling and some of the biggest names in the business then and now.

The immediate is easily seen. The top star for WWE, Bret Hart, left for WCW, and it doesn't take an expert to watch and interpret that WCW's use of the excellence of execution was less than excellent.

Vince McMahon was exposed. There was no more use for a figure head authority the WWE had used in the years earlier. The role of a president or commissioner, played by names such as Jack Tunney or Gorilla Monsoon, was all of a sudden irrelevant to the audience. Vince McMahon had been booked by accident as the top bad guy and there was no turning back.

The cause and effect goes beyond just the birth of a new character on WWE television and the departure of another. Looking back at the way the wrestling world went after the famous November night, it's amazing how much can be linked back to the Montreal Screw Job.

Bret Hart, the feuds that never took place, Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon and even Stephanie McMahon marrying Triple H are all events that can be traced back to happening or not happening depending on if the controversy ever took place.

Take a look at the video above I wrote, produced, voiced and edited in 2010. It's called The Reality If Montreal Screw Job Never Happened.

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