NHL Power Rankings: Rating Each Team's 3rd Jersey

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NHL Power Rankings: Rating Each Team's 3rd Jersey
photo: theroyalhalf.com

Hockey jerseys have evolved over the years from the basic and fundamental logo on the front of the "sweater" to gaudy and over-bedazzled atrocities similar to the one sported by a fellow named Gretzky over there.

Some guy once said that "if you look good you play good, and if you play good, they pay good." Maybe he wasn't that smart after all. Did you ever hear his rap music single? I think there is something to be said for taking some pride in the jersey you wear, which in turn can inspire your play.

There is something elegant and classy about the simplicity of a uniform. Too much can detract from the overall look. A stripe here, some trim there, a hideous fisherman that resembles a frozen food company spokesperson or a giant pooh-bear.These grievous injustices have since been stricken from the closets of Boston and the New York Islanders and replaced with more suitable duds.

An awful jersey can take a team that is geared up for battle and turn them into clowns on skates. Clowns that are really, really good at hockey. That's actually kind of terrifying. Who would want to play that team?

Fortunately for the sake of the hockey purists, the third jersey seems to be going the way of the throwback. What's old is now new again and the fans seem to appreciate it. For the franchises that want to get creative and go with something fresh, they at least seem to have the good sense to keep the design simple and classic.

Some of the teams don't have a "designated" third jersey, and I will note that in the appropriate slide(s). I have put in the most recent "alternate" jersey for the clubs that don't have a jersey that is rotated into their schedules. Enjoy now!

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