WWE Weekly Recap: The Top 7 Matches of the Week

Kaleb KelchnerContributor IIINovember 10, 2012

WWE Weekly Recap: The Top 7 Matches of the Week

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    Welcome to Bleacher Report's WWE Weekly Recap for the week of Nov. 4-10, 2012, where we rank the top seven matches of the week.

    With professional wrestling's reigning juggernaut, the WWE, pushing hours of action each week, there's a wide selection of matches to consider when ranking the best of the in-ring action.

    This week saw CM Punk team with Dolph Ziggler against John Cena and Ryback on Raw, while SmackDown was headlined by a Falls Count Anywhere match between Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio.

    The dark horse pick to win match of the week was the brawl between Sheamus and Wade Barrett from WWE Main Event, which didn't disappoint in front of a hot UK crowd.

    Browse the following slides to see which matches stood out and sound off in the comment section to share your match of the week with the B/R WWE Community!

Prime Time Players vs. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

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    The Prime Time Players pulled off the shocker of the evening when they came out on the winning end of a very physical match with fan favorites, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio. 

    Not only was the match fun, a clean victory for the Prime Time Players was a welcome surprise.

    While this match wasn't exactly worth millions of dollars, it gets high marks for pacing and unpredictability, helping this one break into the top seven matches of the week. 

Sheamus vs. the Miz

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    With Heavyweight Champion Big Show looking on, Sheamus clashed with the Miz in one of the longest matches of the week.

    Rather than being a complete squash, Miz put forth a great deal of offense against the former World Heavyweight Champion, but ultimately it wasn't enough. 

    Sheamus got the pin after hitting Miz with the Brogue kick, and the match was followed by a stare-down between Sheamus and Big Show.

Sheamus and William Regal vs. Wade Barret and Big Show

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    The UK fans were ecstatic to see Sheamus, Wade Barrett and William Regal all in the ring at once. Anytime we get to see a veteran like Regal in the ring, I'm a happy man.The salty, seasoned Brit held his own with the rest, and it left me wishing we'd see him on WWE television more often. 

    Everything was on point regarding pacing, and the chemistry between all these superstars was obvious.

    Sheamus was taken out of the match by a spear from Big Show and Regal came in with the tag, only to be flattened by a KO punch from Big Show, which ended the match.

CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena and Ryback

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    This was a fun match which saw Punk and Ziggler isolate Cena to build anticipation for Ryback getting tagged in. 

    When time finally came for Ryback to come in and massacre Punk and Ziggler, he did so in impressive fashion. Ultimately, Ryback put Punk down for the count with Shell Shock, and the crowd went wild for it. 

    On as strong a week as this was for the WWE in regards to in-ring action, a tag match that sticks to the tried and true formula of the heel team isolating a face for the other babyface to get a huge pop and save the day just isn't going to crack the top three matches of the week.

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

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    Sheamus and Wade Barrett clashed in a match worthy of the WWE "main event" title on Ion Television this week.

    In front of a rambunctious UK crowd, these two put on a big man's brawl that fed off of the side feud that Sheamus has been a part of while also focusing on the Big Show and the World Heavyweight Championship. In fact, Big Show was even working commentary during the match.

    As Sheamus began to put the finishing touches on Wade Barrett, Big Show left the commentary table in disgust. Sheamus glared at the heavyweight champ as he plodded up the entrance ramp and then put Barrett down for the count with the Brogue Kick.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

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    The Miz failed to recapture the Intercontinental Championship from Kofi Kingston in a match that was easy on the eyes, as is usually the case when Kofi Kingston is in the ring. 

    The British crowd ate up the match, reacting positively and even giving the two a "This is Awesome" chant.

    Miz would disagree, as he was on the losing end of things when Kofi hit him with a massive cross body off the top rope which led to the three-count.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio, Falls Count Anywhere

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    In an era of the WWE where gimmick matches are few and far between on free television, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio were the right men for the job in their Falls Count Anywhere match in the main event of SmackDown this week.

    Randy Orton's intensity stole the show as he brutalized Alberto Del Rio all across the arena, and finally finished him in the ring with an RKO on the steel steps. 

    As a bonus, Orton went through a table that actually broke. No word on when Triple H wants to book Randy Orton vs. Spanish Commentary Table, but that's a WrestleMania headliner if I've ever seen one.