The 20 Worst Songs Played at Sporting Events

Paul Grossinger@@pgrossingerAnalyst IINovember 11, 2012

The 20 Worst Songs Played at Sporting Events

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    Don't you hate some of the music played at sports games?

    Sporting events are very exciting, and pumping music plays a huge part in that, but some songs are just overplayed.  Once in a while, I just sit and think, "I can't hear this again!"

    Many songs played at sporting events don't fit the setting or are just not with the times.  

    Here are the worst songs played at sporting events.  

20. Shook Me All Night Long

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    A long-time favorite in danger of becoming cliche.

    Sports DJs, please don't make great hard-rock music predictable. 

19. You Can't Touch This

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    This song is more bankrupt than MC Hammer.  

18. Twist and Shout

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    Love the song.  Hate the people jiggling to it on the fan cam.  

17. Tootsie Roll

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    It's not the 1950s anymore. 

16. Mony Mony

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    Let's keep this song in Mamma Mia.  

15. Kung Fu Fighting

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    I saw this at an indoor soccer match and it just felt so out of place.

    Please don't ask why I went to an indoor soccer match.  We all make mistakes.  

14. Bodyrock

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    Usually played when a football player drills the ball-carrying opponent.

    Just try not to air it when they have a concussion, guys.  It's poor form. 

13. We Are Family

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    Unless I'm related to everyone in the stadium, I don't want to hear it.

    And I'm not Mormon.  

12. Gettin' Jiggy with It

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    You have to love Will Smith's acting talent.

    His singing? Not so much.  

11. Pump Up the Volume

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    It's not enough to not have real "Loud-meter" measurement, they have to play this gem?

10. Who Let the Dogs out

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    The fact that this song still gets played is shocking by itself.  

    It should be relegated to the trash bin, like the Cold War and bell-bottom jeans.  

9. Tequila

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    The song repeats the word "Tequila" almost as many times as stadiums play the song.

    RIP, please.   

8. Get Ready for This

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    Love the song, actually.

    But it feels like every time I hear it at a sports event, my team starts to lose.  It's like a jinx. 

7. Space Jam

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    I love Space Jam because it reminds me of His Airness.

    But, objectively, that movie was bad in the '90s.  Why are we still playing its songs?

6. Crank That

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    Is this the best the Millennium generation has to offer?

    I think not.  

5. Y.M.C.A.

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    It's a great tradition, but just once a game, please.

    I went to a basketball game last year where the fans were so bored during the blowout, they played it four times.

    I guess having fans make a "Y" can distract them from wondering "Why" their team sucks.  

4. With a Little Help from Friends

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    Maybe it's just me, but this song actually quiets the crowd. 

    It's not really pump-up music, so what's the point?

3. We Like to Party

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    Does it get stuck in your head for months afterword, too?

2. All Star

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    My friend heard this at a Charlotte Bobcat's game last year.

    He texted me, "well, no all-stars here."

1. The Final Countdown

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    Except for the million timeouts that stretch the game out for another half-hour.