Saline High School's Gage Hammond Turns Fail into Epic Touchdown

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When life hands you lemons, you run those lemons over 50 yards for a touchdown. 

A tip of the hat to's Hot Clicks for featuring this remarkable video of one high school hero taking a botched snap all the way to the house. 

Ann reports on the odd play and the amount of Internet love it's getting this week. Even the The Guardian featured it in their Amazing World of Sport section. 

When you see it, you realize instantly what's so special about it. Ann tells us exactly what went down. 

Saline punter/wide receiver/kicker/kick returner/Mr. Everything Gage Hammond has scored in practically every way for the Hornets football team this year, but none was more jaw dropping than last Friday night when he chased down a botched snap on a punt attempt that sailed over his head, scooped it up and ran all the way for a score in Saline's 31-17 win over Pioneer.

The report goes on to say Hammond was credited with a 51-yard touchdown which is complete and utter bull mess when you consider what he did on this play. 

Anger over the details misses the point of this video which is really just to sit back and be amazed at what takes place. 

Still, there is a stat that reads "51-yard touchdown," when something far more spectacular went down. The man takes a botched snap and turns it into complete success. 

Most teams would be happy if he would have just jumped on the ball and limited the damage. Instead, he takes on the opposition in one of the best plays of the week. 

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