Jericho's WM25 Opponent

MikeContributor IMarch 17, 2009

This is kinda a response/add on to the "who will face Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania XXV" written by Justin Thomas.

  Seems most opinions agree that nobody really thinks Flair-vs-Jericho is a great idea,either tarnishing last years WM retirement or just the whole "he 'aint been gone that long,we'd rather see someone else"

 The way I see it,seems like alot of people agree we want Stone Cold!!! He hasn't had a match in quite a while but out of all the "legends" He's the guy that could "stomp a mudhole" in Jericho and "walk it dry". Of the other "legends who else could actually have a half chance of actually winning??

 I have my few favs,Hogan looks like he's going to be there so that works(kinda in shape still,Still the "Hulkster")

I see Flair being part of WM in some way,I just hope not the guy that goes against Jericho,I totally agree with it being too soon after his retirement,they made too big of a deal about it to have him come back 1 yr. later.

After the Jericho/Steamboat thing on RAW this works,Steamboat is going into the Hall this year he looks to be in good or lose,I think he could still do a good match.

Unlike Hogan,Bret Hart will probably have nothing to do with WM25 but,wouldn't Hart-vs-Jericho be great?

Other than that,it should be kinda like a Hogan"1 more match" thing,a New HoF'er and so far,NO THE FUNKS ARE TOOOOOO OLD,it's either Stone cold or Koko B. Ware,unless the WWE gives us someone else this year that's worthy.