Viral Video Breakdown: Lane Kiffin, Kobe Bryant and More Hot Video Clips

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 9, 2012

Viral Video Breakdown: Lane Kiffin, Kobe Bryant and More Hot Video Clips

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    Kobe Bryant gave his former head coach the death stare, Lane Kiffin became animated and we have quite the week summed up perfectly in a bunch of videos. 

    The biggest news of the week was Mike Brown being axed by the LA Lakers. And we have one video that serves as a precursor of sorts for that huge bombshell. 

    That's not the only thing on the docket. 

    Like every week, we have compiled all the best videos from around the web and delivered them at your virtual doorstep.  

    If you have a suggestion for the breakdown or just want to chime in with how the latest week went down, let your thoughts be known in the section below. 

    Let's get to a swagtastic week of videos. 

Black Mamba Daggers

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    Mike Brown, as multiple outlets have reported, is no longer the LA Lakers' head coach. 

    While Kobe Bryant maintains he had nothing to do with the firing, this video of him sending death stares at Brown serve to guarantee things were not going all that well earlier in the week. 

    Never be on the opposite end of that look. 

    More Information: Lakers' Kobe Bryant Nearly Kills Mike Brown with One Look After Another Loss

Epic Spike

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    A high school volleyball game between Forth Madison (Iowa) Holy Trinity Catholic High and Winfield-Mount Union (Iowa) High turned into something rather remarkable when a Trinity player sent forth one tremendous spike. 

    Not only does the ball send an opponent to the ground, the ricochet manages to find a sprinting spectator who gets knocked down as well. 

    More Information: Epic Volleyball Spike Sends Player and Spectator to Ground 

Dirk Nowitzki Destroys Bruce Springsteen

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    For some reason, Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki decides to sing the classic tune "Born in the USA." 

    Singing is a little kind, because it's more like he screams inaudibly. Although, we were able to make out the chorus. 

    More Information: Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki Destroys Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA"

Whoop Em' Mavericks Style

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    It's almost a law that every week feature some sort of Gangnam Style parody, and this was no different. 

    Here are the Mavericks attempting to give us all nightmares with a terrifying promo video. 

    More Information: Whoop 'Em Mavericks Style Takes Gangnam to Terrifying Levels

USC Season Is Hilarious

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    It was only a matter of time before the good folks over at NMA took on the craziness that is the USC season. 

    The last straw was a controversy stemming from some game balls that were deflated on purpose. One team manager was fired and one brilliant cartoon was produced. 

    More Information: USC's Lane Kiffin Destroyed for Being a Child in Hilarious NMA Animation

Brooklyn Knight Makes Us Sad

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    The Brooklyn Nets opened up play to much fanfare. To our surprise, the team wanted to temper the excitement with what has to be the saddest-looking mascot of all time. 

    More Information: Brooklyn Nets Unveil Mascot Knight in Saddest Way Possible

Rod Stewart Loses It

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    The legendary Rod Stewart was present at one of the greatest Celtic fixture this past week. His team managed to get the win over the mighty Barcelona. 

    Real men cry when things like that happen. 

    More Information: Rod Stewart Broke Down Crying After Celtic's Epic Win over Barcelona

Do You Believe in Miracles?

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    A couple of high school football broadcaster lose their minds when an epic comeback takes place right before them. 

    Only Gus Johnson could give a more impassioned call as Rockford Boylan High beats Oak Park Fenwick High with an amazing touchdown followed by a 2-point conversion. 

    More Information: High School Football Playoff Game Ends in a Couple of Miracles

Little Beast Mode

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    You know we have to feature this video. 

    The week was dominated by just one athlete, and that's 9-year-old football player Sam Gordon. The little girl took the Internet by storm with this tremendous mixtape of sorts. 

    Beast mode lives in Salt Lake City, Gordon's home town. 

    More Information: Young Girl Destroys Youth Football with Tiny Beast Mode Swag

Stairs Get Better of Skateboarder

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    This video is fairly simple to explain. Skateboarder Matt Lane sees five stairs he is determined to jump over.

    This isn't a story with a happy ending, because it's really just a compilation of failure. One attempt after another, Lane completely eats it. 

    A rather intriguing watch, actually. 

    More Information: Skateboarder Matt Lane Gets Dominated by a Bunch of Stairs

NHL Awkward

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    If you aren't going to be the best, I guess you could still shoot for the moon and try to be the absolute worst. 

    This bank commercial is memorable for the very fact that it's possibly the worst ad we have ever seen. Oh, and it features Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic. 

    Hooray for the NHL lockout. 

    More Information: Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic Breaks Bank Commercial with Awful Acting

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