WWE Should Bring Back Old Stables, Capitalize on Their Name Value and Brand

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistNovember 9, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

It is not everyday that a wrestling stable establishes a powerful-enough legacy to where the name says it all―so when it does, use it to the fullest.

The Four Horsemen, New World Order, DX, Legacy and Evolution.

All of these groups have a prominent place in wrestling history.

There are some groups, such as the New World Order or DX, that were booked in context of the situation. NWO was booked out of the concept of stars leaving Vince McMahon and taking over the WCW. The group had several eras and a range of members.

DX was booked in the birth of the attitude era and has had several reincarnations.

The Four Horsemen were used in the exact way I would like to see groups such as Legacy and Evolution used.

The Four Horsemen name means so much. Yes, there have been some members who we would like to forget, but still, The Four Horsemen became a brand. Holding up the four fingers truly became a symbol of excellence in wrestling.

Legacy or Evolution should be used this way in WWE.

The original Evolution saw Ric Flair, Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista together. It launched the careers of Orton and Batista. Legacy was comprised of Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr.

I feel that if they are done right, these stables can continue to exist for years to come. One member of the previous reign leads the way for a new era. Think of it as a sequel to a series.

James Bond or Batman are good examples of brands. Many movies have been released with different actors playing the leading roles. There are some who played the roles better than others, but the brand has the greatest impact. It speaks for itself. The brand can help solidify or launch careers of those who get involved as cast members.

Stables in wrestling are used to establish a history that launches a talent's career. Evolution was Orton and Batista. Legacy was for Cody Rhodes. The Nation of Domination ended up being the time for Rocky Maivia to break out as The Rock. DX launched Triple H to a new level. The brood was suppose to be made for Gangrel but Edge became the shining star.

WWE kinda of did this with Nexus. It had a good first run with Wade Barrett as the leader. WWE then tried to continue the brand by having CM Punk as the leader. Unfortunately for the Nexus brand, CM Punk grew too big for them after the famous "pipe bomb" speech. All that was left after that was Mason Ryan...so, nothing.

WWE is in a critical transition period: Many from the past era are leaving, those who have been on top in the present era have been in the same cycle for some time and a large volume of new stars are popping up on the main roster and NXT.

This would be an ideal time to utilize the stables from the past and the brands' names. This is also the time for new brands to be built.

I'm not suggesting 3MB is the going to be the trio of the future, but the concept is still the same. It was built for Heath Slater, and time will tell if Slater is the one who will get the most out of the group or someone else is the surprise gem.

Then again, 3MB wouldn't be the most unusual group to produce a star. At least they are a rock band with unusual members. The male cheerleaders in pro wrestling probably caught more people off guard.

It worked out well for Nick Nemeth.