NFL's 5 Worst Quarterbacks Ruining the Hopes and Dreams of All They Encounter

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Some NFL teams don't have any competent option at quarterback. And when that's the case, you know you have a bad team. 

Who are the worst quarterbacks in the NFL? Mark Sanchez is one. He likes to date pretty women and do the club scene, and that's great. Hey, I like clubs, too. Who doesn't? But he's not getting it done during his day job as quarterback of the New York Jets. The Jets are bad. Really bad. They're the homeless guy sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk of pro football. Instead of accosting them, teams simply walk over them without a single care. 

Another horrible quarterback? Here's one more for you: Ryan Fitzpatrick. I want that guy's agent, because anyone that can convince Ralph Wilson that Fitzpatrick was worth $59 million is worth his weight in gold. Gold, I say! And what a bonus it would be to possess a person made entirely of gold; one could weather more than his or her share of calamity in the financial markets. Although, such a luxury would be of little concern to a quarterback getting $24 million in guaranteed money. 

Check out my complete list of the worst NFL quarterbacks in the game today. Enjoy my takes in the video above and leave your own thoughts in the comments below. As always, thanks for watching.

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