With Lugo Injured, It's Lowrie's Job to Lose

Michael PhillipsContributor IMarch 16, 2009

The Red Sox traded away arguably one of the best shortstops in the game today in Florida’s Hanley Ramirez. After three years with the Marlins, Ramirez has totaled 79 home runs and 207 RBI’s while the Redsox have struggled to find a consistent shortstop.



After several different attempts to find a decent shortstop, Boston signed long time Dodger and Devil Ray veteran Julio Lugo.


Lugo in two seasons has been unable to stay healthy and has failed to put up a decent batting average. One of Lugo’s strengths was his ability to play defense and steal bases.


Between '07 and '08 Lugo stole 42 bases while helping the Red Sox maintain efficient defense.


Now with Lugo hurt again and potentially missing a month or more with a meniscus tear in his right knee which will require surgery opens the door for youngster Jed Lowrie.


The versatile Lowrie played 97 games as a rookie for the Red Sox last year, 49 of which were played at shortstop. Lowrie who has looked solid this spring will try to build upon a below average rookie season on offense.


Expect Lowrie to continue his strong spring play and win the starting job for the season.