Comparing RG3's Running Style to Top NFL RBs

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Comparing RG3's Running Style to Top NFL RBs
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Robert Griffin III is an incredible athlete. The star rookie can run a 4.3 40-yard dash and throw a 60-yard dart, which has helped him get off to a great start in the NFL.

The Redskins quarterback has been particularly dangerous on the ground, prompting the question: What does his running style look like compared to some of the game's top runners?

I did a bit of crowd sourcing to try to find the answer to this question. Mr. Burns is spot on here; Griffin does not quite have a running back's running style due to the position he plays.

As great as RGIII is as a runner, his style can hardly be described as power. Marshawn Lynch runs like a malfunctioning robot. Adrian Peterson is a violent breed. His teammate, Alfred Morris, runs with authority more than grace.

Predictably, I got no responses to that effect. Of course, no quarterback is going to seek contact save perhaps Cam Newton, who is 6'5: and 245 pounds.

So Griffin does not compare favorably to the brutes. There are plenty of running backs who are more finesse and speed, and there are a few that fit this bill.

Perhaps the best contemporary running back comparison for RGIII is Chris Johnson. Johnson has unbelievable speed, using it to its full potential when he is not hesitating behind the line or trying to find a nonexistent hole. 

CJ2K runs upright with long strides, much like Griffin. It would be fun to see these two race. Maybe we can get Usain Bolt involved.

And our own Ian Kenyon chimed in via email:

I think you could make an argument that he runs like Darren McFadden. Similar size (6'2, 220 -- give or take), similar speed (Mcfadden 4.33, RG3 4.41), McFadden runs upright, as does RG3. 

Indeed, this is another good comparison. Griffin looks more like CJ2K than he does Run DMC, but the long strides and the sheer speed are there. Hopefully for Griffin's sake, the injuries will stay away.

Some historic comparisons were made as well.

Setting power aside—RGIII is not going to run Brian Urlacher over anytime soon—Dickerson is an excellent comparison. Like Dickerson, Griffin glides across the open field like a bird of prey, deceiving the eyes of opponents and observers that he has uncanny speed.

Like with Dickerson, ignore George's power in this case.

In the end, Griffin has his own, distinct running style. It's pretty good on its own.

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