Witch Doctor Reading For "Bryce Brown"

Witch DoctorContributor IMarch 17, 2009

Witch Doctor asked by “Rory” at Bleacher Reports to write article about Tennessee recruit Bryce Brown. Witch Doctor confused by request since Witch Doctor has no knowledge of this “Bryce Brown”. Witch Doctor lives in the jungles around Negril and assumes Rory at Bleacher Report request reading. Witch Doctor throw bones and see several things regarding this “Bryce Brown” Bones tell Witch Doctor Tennessee offense will be greatly improved with signing of this “Bryce Brown”. Witch Doctor see big back with plenty of speed that can reach corners quickly. Bones tell Witch Doctor with addition of “Oku” Volunteers have one-two punch like that of team called “Trojans” from recent past. Bones say Volunteer line will be suspect until proven different after horrible last season. Bones say “Kiffin” has proven in short time that he can recruit. Witch Doctor sees more victories in coming year than previous year.

Witch Doctor also asked to speak about fervor surrounding Volunteer nation. Bones tell Witch Doctor the Vols are excited but need to keep perspective and give team time to develop. Bones see many great things for Vols in the upcoming season, but should also remember the SEC is strong like bull again this season. Witch Doctor say “Kiffin” strong recruiter and finish strong with great class, next thing will be to win in tough SEC. Bones tell Witch Doctor be prepared for ups and downs of first season but Vol fans should look forward to many exciting seasons ahead. Witch Doctor finish reading now. Witch Doctor must go prepare zombies for upcoming party. Bones never lie