Brock Lesnar: Why WWE Needs the Former Champion Heading into 2013

Hector DiazAnalyst INovember 12, 2012


There went the pain (until he makes his eventual return, of course).

Brock Lesnar's most recent stint in WWE is not in jeopardy, despite what WWE programming indicates. In fact, his absence only reinforces the idea that Lesnar should appear on a more regular basis. 

Lesnar signed a one-year contract with WWE during WrestleMania weekend. The deal specifies the number of appearances that the former WWE Undisputed Champion must make in order to fulfill the contract. 

Throughout his recent stint in WWE, Lesnar has been employing a UFC gimmick.

His two matches, against John Cena and Triple H, saw the former UFC Heavyweight Champion sport his MMA attire, which invokes the idea of reality in professional wrestling. 

This isn't a mistake.

WWE is clearly heading towards a more reality-driven direction. The days of superstars having gimmick names have all but ended, though there is an exception—Ryback.

Ryback's introduction in the WWE Championship picture is both homage to the muscle-bound stars of the past and a reflection of WWE's current talent. The "Big Hungry" is easily squashing other superstars with ease.

He is an enigma that only Vince McMahon himself can get away with. 

Having Brock Lesnar return to face Ryback, who is currently feuding with a Paul Heyman-backed CM Punk, is a perfect situation for everyone involved.

Lesnar suddenly becomes the measuring stick for Ryback, since Lesnar has proven he can be the toughest wrestler in WWE. At this point, Ryback has shown that he can beat most, if not all, the WWE superstars.

His niche will get old fast unless he has a formidable opponent. 

With Ryback out of the WWE Championship picture, CM Punk can then face The Rock at Royal Rumble. With all the back and forth on Raw and on Twitter, this match is a given.

Brock Lesnar must also return to address his feud with Triple H. 

Triple H's departure from wrestling was only implied with the melancholy walk up the ramp at SummerSlam. In order for the feud to truly end, the Shawn Michaels situation must also be addressed. 

Lesnar broke Michaels' arm prior to SummerSlam and nothing else was said about it.

WWE has plenty to work with upon Lesnar's eventual return, and Lesnar can definitely deliver.