USC's Lane Kiffin Destroyed for Being a Child in Hilarious NMA Animation

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 9, 2012

Lane Kiffin's wild and crazy issues at USC have pretty much been boiled down to a cartoon in a hilarious NMA animation. 


This was a season USC was supposed to rip the shackles of probation off and run into a national championship. 

Instead, they have bumbled and stumbled while making self-inflicted gaffes Kiffin has to answer for. In fact, there are no words to properly qualify how ridiculous this season has been. 

That's why a cartoon is the perfect medium. 

All the crazy NMA Animation is here for you to enjoy, bringing fans up to speed on what USC has done in their first season free from Bowl restrictions. 

Kiffin's crew has gone 6-3, losing one game to the mediocre Arizona. They also pulled unnecessary shenanigans against an easily beat Colorado when they switched uniforms between their kicker and backup quarterback. 

Some may also recall earlier in the season when Kiffin kicked a reporter out of camp when he disagreed with what was being reported. 

Most recently—and the impetus behind this glorious animation—a USC team manager was fired after a controversy involving deflated balls.

If that seems nuts, if it seems ludicrous, that's only because it is. This is how things are going for your 2012 USC Trojans. 

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