C.C. Sabathia: He Aint Fat, He's OBEAST!

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C.C. Sabathia: He Aint Fat, He's OBEAST!

Standing at 6 feet 7 inches, 290+ pounds, hurling a horse-hide sphere at 96 miles an hour straight at you, it's safe to say, you're not safe when C.C. Sabathia's on the mound. But for how much longer will Sabathia be able to maintain this level of pitching?

An offseason acquisition brought him to New York, where good players go to die.

So the 28 and overweight Sabathia was a perfect candidate to play in NY: a pitcher who's had mediocre-to-terrible statistics against the division he recently joined.   

The Yanks signed him for a whopping $161 million for 7 years.  Hmm... does that contract remind you of anyone?  Maybe...BARRY ZITO?  And we all know how well  that's working out. 

I'm a huge New York fan, but I don't think the Yankees have been "penny wise" at all during this offseason, as evidenced by major and outrageous contracts to Sabathia, Burnett and Teixeira.

Acquiring Sabathia might work out, but what incentive does he have to work hard, lose his "girth" and pitch well despite the abnormal amount of pressure?  Plain and simple: he doesn't have any.

C.C. doesn't strike me as a player who would just sit back and put in minimal effort until his opt-out clause kicks in after 3 years, but he might.  And if he decided to walk away from the Yanks, he'd be walking away with a much fatter wallet--$69 million dollars fatter.

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