The Sean Avery Difference

Ranger NationCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

Many fans were against bringing Sean Avery back to a Rangers club that so desperately needed him.

They stated he was bad for the team, he left us the first time over money, etc. But you can’t deny the record that this team has with Avery in it. He means something to the Blueshirts. He loves being in New York City and already it is paying off.

Over the weekend Avery scored 3 goals but the difference he is making is opening up other players on the ice. Opposing teams are back to head hunting Avery, he is taking on 2 defenders leaving the likes of Scott Gomez and others open for better looks at the net. This is what the team was missing since Jaromir Jagr left, a player that takes more than his share of the work load on and impacts the team.

So my question now to the Ranger fans that were against the team bringing him back, the very same Ranger fans that were cheering for Avery this weekend…. Can you honestly say the team shouldn’t have brought back Sean Avery?

I didn’t think so.