NHL Lockout: League and Players to Meet for Fourth Straight Day of CBA Talks

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NHL Lockout: League and Players to Meet for Fourth Straight Day of CBA Talks

The NHL and NHLPA met for over five hours in New York City on Thursday and will continue their negotiations on Friday, according to TSN's Bob McKenzie.

League commissioner Gary Bettman talked briefly to the media following the CBA talks (via Dan Rosen of NHL.com on Twitter):

We have work to do, my hope is that we can achieve the goal of getting a long term, fair agreement in place as quickly as possible. Everyday that passes I think is critical for the game and for our fans. Collective bargaining is a process and it has peaks and valleys and ebbs and flows, and it is very tough to handicap.

Here are the latest updates on the negotiations according to Chris Johnston of the Canadian Press and Michael Russo of the Minnestoa Star-Tribune:

Here's some more information on the league's proposals from James Mirtle of The Globe and Mail, Larry Brooks of The New York Post and Pierre LeBrun of TSN:

The goods news is that the NHL decided to work with the players' proposals, which they were not willing to do on Oct. 18 when the NHLPA made three offers.

Even if there's not a ton of progress being made, the fact that the two sides are willing to meet to find solutions to their differences is a positive sign.

One significant issue that still remains is the NHLPA's desire to not have their share of hockey-related revenue (HRR) be reduced from 57 percent to 50 percent in the first season of the new agreement.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The owners have been adamant about the HRR split being 50-50 in year one, so there's still a considerable gap to close on this issue.

Both sides also realize that revenue sharing needs to improve, so even though there's more work to do on figuring out the actual amount of money to be included in the program moving forward (likely to be between $200-260 million per year), this shouldn't be a topic of discussion that either side will lose a season for.

Fans should be pleased that enough progress is being made for both sides to believe that there are reasons to keep negotiating.

Friday will be the fourth straight day of CBA talks, but at some point, real progress has to be made if this lockout is going to end any time soon. The two sides aren't close, but it only takes one meeting to find a breakthrough.

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