Little Football Player Sam Gordon Becomes Huge Internet Star

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 8, 2012

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Sam Gordon is a pint-sized football player who is pretty much the biggest sports star out there right now. 

The nine-year-old girl is enjoying quite the rise to fame at the moment. And it's all thanks to a viral video dominating all of the Internet. 

We reported earlier this week on Gordon who hit the web in the form of this brilliant video. 

As you can see in the captions, her athletic feats are as crazy as her ability to shred the youth defense she is up against. 

The stats of "1,911 yards on 8.2 yards per carry and has scored 35 touchdowns" may seem ridiculous when you consider this little girl is only nine, but it pales in comparison to her fame at the moment. 

The young Sam and her father, Brent Gordon, were even on ABC's Good Morning America, telling the tale of a first-year football star dominating the local Salt Lake City boys. 

This is what the proud pop had to say: 

When she was about three or four years old and we would play soccer out in the yard with my older son … and they’d try to be a little bit rough with her and even intentionally try to kick the ball at her and she wouldn’t be fazed and would keep getting up. I kind of had an idea that she’s got an aggressive mentality back then.

Um, I'll say. 

Aggressive doesn't even begin to describe the way she hits the defensive holes without worry and then speeding off into the end zone. 

ESPN's flagship show SportsCenter tweeted the video to the masses.

Wow, 9-year-old Sam Gordon is DOMINATING her nearly all-boys tackle football league » #SCtop10

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) November 8, 2012

Then there was a tweet from Women's US Soccer star Abby Wambach to make little Sam's day.

Sam Gordon, heard u were a fan. I am one of yours. Get in touch with me, and I'll fly you and a parent out to a game before Xmas. Sound good

— Abby Wambach (@AbbyWambach) November 8, 2012

Gordon's fame has exploded much like she does anytime she has the ball. 

The biggest star in the country right now is a young girl who loves to play football. 

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