Marcus Vick Twitter: Michael Vick Smart to Shut Brother Up

Tim KeeneyContributor INovember 8, 2012

MIAMI - 2006:  Marcus Vick of the Miami Dolphins poses for his 2006 NFL headshot at photo day in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Getty Images)
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Note to Marcus Vick: Good try, good effort. 

Michael Vick's younger brother had the right idea. He made valid points and had what appeared to be positive intentions, unless of course you're a member of the Philadelphia Eagles' offensive line. It's just too bad that his outlet of choice and timing were horrendously wrong. 

If you aren't a fan of the useful-yet-often-too-revealing social media outlet known as Twitter, and you haven't heard about Marcus Vick's rampage on it, here's the quick version:

Monday Night Football. The New Orleans Saints continually get into the backfield. The New Orleans Saints sack Michael Vick seven times and hurry him on just about every single one of his 41 throws.

Michael Vick's brother, Marcus Vick, in turn, gets very upset. 

The first of Marcus' tweets has since been deleted, but it went like this (h/t Huffington Post):

"Please trade my brother. We requesting out of Philly!!!! Please please please......"

There were plenty of other gems from the night, but here are a couple that drew major attention (via Vick's Twitter account):

This not even an NFL type of O-line. What happen to the hogs the Eagles had last year and year before? Call Winston Justice back n Jamal J

— Marcus Vick (@MVFive) November 6, 2012

Only reason I said trade was bc I hear all that Nick Foles talk. Honestly who is he? What was his college record at Arizona? #letmeknow

— Marcus Vick (@MVFive) November 6, 2012

I'm not sure what Nick Foles, who has yet to attempt a pass in the NFL, did to deserve Marcus' insults, but it's safe to say Vick was pretty accurate in noting the "struggles" of Philly's O-line, which has given up 27 sacks through eight games. 

Still though, telling everyone that "we" demand a trade and demeaning your brother's teammates to thousands—and by now, many more—readers is far from the best idea.

That's why Michael was smart to put a stop to it all (via the Los Angeles Times' Melissa Rohlin):

Michael told reporters Wednesday that he asked his brother, Marcus, to "shut off the Twitter."

"You'll never see that again. Trust me," Michael said.

Again, little bro's intentions were good, but the last thing Michael needs during this immense time of struggle (Vick's QB rating is 77.7, the Eagles are 3-5) is another off-the-field distraction. 

Just let him play, and when the time is right (you know, after the season), have a face-to-face, private discussion with him about finding a new situation and location.

It's a pretty simple concept, and even though Twitter may be slowly taking over the world, that particular conversation should took place offline.