Athletes, They're Just Like Us!

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Athletes, They're Just Like Us!
Image via @iambigbaby11

Athletes, at least the ones who haven't recently filed for bankruptcy, seem to have it all these days. They get to make a living doing something that many of us spend our whole lives doing for free. Actually, they don't just make a living; they're generally paid out the nose. 

Athletes get all the hot broads and invites to all the hot parties. They live in swanky mansions and fill their garages with ridiculously expensive cars, many of which are worth twice the value of your house. Okay, I might be generalizing a bit and being a bit heavy-handed with the hyperbole—but you feel me, right? 

My point is just that athletes are super rich and famous and they date smokin' hot babes. But despite their elevated socioeconomic status and ginormous sneaker collections, many of them are just like us. At least that's what I've ascertained by stalking hundreds of them on Twitter. 

Not buying it? Well here's proof…

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