Losing Not Only Feels Horrible It May Be Dangerous to Health

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 8, 2012

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports
Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

Losing makes you sick. 

According to a CNN report, the sick feeling you get when your favorite team drops a huge game has far more meaning than you would like. 

Dr. Charles Raison is CNN Health's mental health expert and he has some words of wisdom for those suffering the ills of a brutal loss. 

From those frustrated by the latest elections to all those taking the NBA or NFL seasons too seriously, he has a prescription.

Take a chill pill. 

Dr. Raison doesn't mess around when he states, "To put it bluntly: being on a losing team can be deadly."

He goes on to say that he always assumed losing could have ill effects on one's health, but he never thought the connection was so severe. 

Study after study shows that death rates spike in cities that lose important sporting events. Most of the deaths are from sudden heart attacks and related cardiovascular events, suggesting that people get so upset when their side loses that it literally breaks their hearts.

Great, so now Cleveland fans are not only getting shoddy entertainment, they may be harming their health as well. 

People in Kansas City not only get the Royals and Chiefs to root for, but they also may be in danger by doing so?

Hardly seems fair, sports gods. 

The good doctor goes on to say it's really all about perspective, on both sides. 

If you win, know that the jubilation may not last and could be dangerous when your team inevitably lets you down, so kick back with the smack talk you winners. 

If you lose, calm down. Just know that buzzer-beater loss is not the end of the world, or else it will be the end of the world for you. 

There are some things you can do to skirt health issues because your team fails in epic proportions. 

He advises you to be proactive and not dwell on losses. Take a break from whatever is keeping you down and also talk it out. 

Sure, those are all great ideas. 

I have one more. Stop rooting for horrible teams. 

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