Reigning MVP Ryan Braun Reportedly Engaged to Lovely Larisa Fraser

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 8, 2012

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Sexy-swag cyber-sleuths may have cracked a tremendous story revolving around the personal life of superstar Brewer and reigning MVP Ryan Braun

The good news is the Hebrew Hammer is happily engaged. We think. 

Busted Coverage has broken this whole story wide-open simply by paying attention to the blog of Braun's lovely girlfriend, model Larisa Frasier. 

It seems the model also happens to have a food blog, and the latest entry is what Busted Coverage found to be rather interesting. 

Here is a snippet from Model Eats that pretty much confirms the current MVP finalist is engaged. 

I've been so busy with school and work and up until last night I hadn't cooked a new meal in a month! That's sad. I obviously do the standard Banana Smoothie, Oatmeals, omeletes, and fish and asparagus for dinner (boring?). After a fridge loading Costco Trip it was time to feed the boyfriend--fiance (I'm still not used to that) something 'new'. DA DA DA DAAAA... Fish, Asparagus, and Coconut Thai Red Curry Sauce. Somehow it was plate lickin good (yes, i do that on occasion).

Guess who just let a feisty little cat out of the bag to run rampant all over the Internet? Super hot Larisa Frasier, that's who. 

The swag sleuths also point to this picture of the couple from a few weeks prior, when they visited London. Yes, that is a fairly sizable ring on Frasier's left ring finger. 

So we can pretty much call the couple engaged and send them all a bunch of well-wishes and happy thoughts. 

For Braun, it may turn out to be a rather remarkable year. 

After winning the MVP last season, he was hit with PED allegations when he tested positive for elevated testosterone levels. 

He later beat those charges, and went on to have another amazing season with the Brewers. As The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports, he is among five finalists for the 2012 MVP award. 

Even if he loses, he has a fine fiancee to put things into perspective. 

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