Robert Nkemdiche: 'Nothing Final Yet' Comment Is Another Blow to Clemson

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIINovember 8, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports


"Breaking: Nkemdiche officially decomits according coach. More details on the way."

 ---End of Update---

Robert Nkemdiche is still committed to the Clemson Tigers, but the No. 1 overall recruit has dropped yet another line that Dabo Swinney and his staff can't be feeling too good about.

Last night, rumors went around stating that Nkemdiche had actually decommittted from Clemson. But as it turns out, they were not true.

Michael Carvell of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution soon thereafter reported that Nkemdiche was still committed, according to a text message from the 5-star defensive end:

“Nothing final yet,” Nkemdiche told the AJC in a text message at 11 p.m. EST.

When Nkemdiche was asked if he was still committed to Clemson, he replied, “Yes (still committed to Clemson). Just undecided.”

If Nkemdiche's commitment to the Tigers has been a roller coaster ride, than last night had to feel like a 100-foot drop, followed by the part where you go upside down, for Clemson fans.

The good news this morning if you're a Tigers fan is that Nkemdiche is still committed to Swinney's 2013 class. The bad news, though, is that he's admitted that nothing is final.

We've known for a while now that Nkemdiche's commitment was up in the air, but this statement really solidifies that fact. On it's own, it should be scary enough for Clemson fans. But then he follows it up by saying that while he is still committed to the Tigers, he is "just undecided."

Together, these two statements paint a very powerful image of a recruit who doesn't feel to strongly about his commitment. While we've been speculating for months now that this was actually the case, this may be one of the more concrete things that we've heard from the No. 1 recruit in regards to his thought process.

It seems as if, every week—sometimes every few days—there is something new to analyze and discuss in regards to Nkemdiche's recruitment. And I'm not making up the fact that most of the quotes and sentiments appear to be negative for Clemson.

Ole Miss seems to be the team in prime position to get Nkemdiche to flip, and that is just a reality folks. Nkemdiche's brother, Denzel, plays there and feels Robert will join him; his mom has obviously been very vocal about wanting her sons to play together; and Nkemdiche himself has admitted that he's torn.

All of the signs point to Nkemdiche's commitment to Clemson being in jeopardy, and this is yet another one of those signs.

Sure, he didn't decommit, as was falsely reported, but you'd have to be very optimistic to actually feel good about the status of Nkemdiche's commitment to Clemson.

Celebrate the fact that he's still committed to Clemson, but don't celebrate for too long.

Nothing is final yet.

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