Were Nick Saban and Les Miles Smart to Steer Clear of Robert Nkemdiche?

Randy ChambersAnalyst INovember 8, 2012

Image Credit: espn.go.com
Image Credit: espn.go.com


According to reports, via the Gwinnett Daily Post, Nkemdiche has decommitted from the Clemson Tigers.

As if you didn't see this coming.

According to reports, his high school head coach, Mickey Conn, says that the 5-star recruit is still interested in the school, but would like to take some time exploring some of his other options.

I think he's still very interested in Clemson, but he's got a brother (Denzel) who goes to Ole Miss and he's got other schools that he likes as well. Conn said. He's going to clear his mind and take some other visits.

Other schools on his list include Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Auburn and Oregon, among others.

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Some recruits are so much of a head case that you avoid them at all costs. Robert Nkemdiche happens to be one of those guys in the 2013 class and some of the top coaches in college football have even figured out that he may not be worth all of the baggage.

Remember the guy that made Clemson offer scholarships to nearly his entire high school roster back in July? Well, it appears that wasn't good enough because he has now turned his attention to other schools and will make a decision later down the road.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Nkemdiche has basically said he isn't quite sure what he is going to do at the moment.

“Nothing final yet,” Nkemdiche told the AJC in a text message at 11 p.m. EST.

Although, good news for Clemson fans is that those rumors of him decommitting from the school are simply not true.

“Yes (still committed to Clemson). Just undecided.” Nkemdiche told AJC when asked if he was still committed to Clemson.

However, according to the report, the star defensive end is now interested in Ole Miss, which would pair him up with his brother Denzel Nkemdiche, who is a freshman linebacker for the Rebels.

But wait, things get even more interesting. When Nkemdiche was attending the Ole Miss game against Georgia, Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt approached the 5-star recruit and had a few words for him as well.

“He told me to keep Georgia on my mind, and he’d love for them to have a chance at me.” Nkemdiche said of Richt.

So we went from committing to Clemson and having all of his buddies hop on board to being right back  where we started, with not even the recruit having the slightest idea of where he is going to end up.

This is why you haven't heard much from head coach Nick Saban and Les Miles regarding any of this mess. While both LSU and Alabama have its offers still on the table, the coaches are quietly pacing in the background and have moved on to other recruits.

If Nkemdiche decides to take his talents to one of the SEC powerhouses, great. If not, I'm sure neither one of those coaches are going to lose sleep, as this whole situation is a marry-go-round that smart coaches don't want to ride.

According to Matt Scalici of AL.com, the mother of Nkemdiche still thinks that Alabama is the top school for her son, but we haven't heard much chatter outside of that when it comes to the Crimson Tide.

Both LSU and Alabama are top notch schools that are going to recruit well regardless. Neither one of those programs need to make offers to an entire high school to land one player, and they certainly don't have the time or patience to play around with a recruit that changes his mind on a weekly basis. 

Nkemdiche is widely considered the top defensive end recruit in the country and many recruiting websites consider him one of the best overall recruits of the 2013 class.

His work ethic, size, athleticism and speed is off the charts, but sometimes saving yourself from the headaches that player may bring is worth so much more.