Breaking News: JBL Announces Full-Time Return to WWE on Facebook Page

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistNovember 7, 2012

The Wrestling GAWD
The Wrestling GAWDJohn Sciulli/Getty Images

In a new Facebook post, JBL officially announced his full-time return to WWE. Hallelujah!

This news is likely to make many WWE fans very happy as his commentary is often the highlight of any show he calls.

Here is what JBL had to say on the new agreement with WWE:

Very happy WWE and I have worked out a deal for me to return on a full time basis. There came a need when my friend Jerry Lawler had a heart attack and was not able to work, however, I realized how much I enjoyed being back and this was the basis for my decision to return.

There has been no word from the Wrestling God as to how this will affect his future mountain climbing excursions, but with a WWE flag being planted at the top of each mountain, my guess is he will still be climbing for the children of Bermuda.

JBL returned to WWE recently to help fill a void left by Jerry Lawler after his unfortunate heart attack and he has been on fire behind the mic ever since.

His commentating is some of the best in the business and his encyclopedic knowledge of the sport makes watching any match he calls that much more interesting.

This should be viewed as a win for everyone involved because there are few heel commentators who have been this good since Bobby Heenan.

JBL says in the post he will be doing SmackDown with Josh Matthews, but hopefully we can expect to see him pop up on other shows as well.


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