Wilt Chamberlain: The NBA's Best Big Man Ever

Ricky ChanContributor IMarch 16, 2009

Question: Who is the best big man ever?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain

Reason: He was a monster.

In his first year, the 7'1" center, drafted by the Philadelphia Warriors, averaged 37.6 points, 27 rebounds, and scored 2,102 points in only 58 games, breaking the record held by Bob Pettit. Additionally, he was voted Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year, breaking eight NBA records.

In his second season, he averaged 38.4 points and 27.2 rebounds per game. He was so dominant that he still holds the record for most rebounds in a game, 55, and became the first player to grab 3,000 rebounds. He is still the only player to grab 2,000 rebounds in a season.

It would be disgusting if I told you that he scored 32 percent of his team's points and grabbed 30 percent of their rebounds that season. Wait...wait...he did.

The next season was even better. He averaged 50.4 points and a lower 25.7 rebounds per game. On Mar. 2 of this season he dropped 50 on the Knicks.

His 4,029 regular season points are the most scored by any player. The player to come closest to this mark was Michael Jordan, when he scored 3,041 in the '86-'87 season.

He holds the record for most points scored in an All-Star game with 42, also grabbing 24 rebounds that game.

In the '62-'63 season, the Warriors were sold and moved to San Francisco. Even with their secondary scorers gone, Paul Arizin retired and Tom Gola traded, Chamberlain once again displayed his monstrous game play by averaging 44.8 points and 24.3 rebounds per game.

In the '63-'64 season, accompanied by the promising Nate Thurmond, he had another great year, averaging 36.9 points and 22.3 rebounds per game.

In the '64-'65 season, Chamberlain was traded to the 76ers. In this season, he averaged 34.7 points and 22.9 boards per game.

Probably the most outstanding thing that Chamberlain did was post a triple-double, recording 22 points, 25 rebounds, and 25 assists.

You can say that the NBA was easier back-in-the-day, and it may be true. But I believe that he would have accomplished the same things today.