NHL Jerseys We Would Love to See on the Ice Again

Adam Rickert@adam_rickertAnalyst IINovember 7, 2012

NHL Jerseys We Would Love to See on the Ice Again

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    To help curb some of these withdrawals I've been having in my hockey-deprived life, I've been watching some videos of classic hockey moments.

    Ok, some is an understatement. I need my hockey.

    Anyway, one thought that kept coming to mind while watching some of these videos was, "Wow, I wish (insert team) would wear those jerseys again!"

    One thing that hockey fans like to talk about is uniforms, as hockey jerseys are the most creative and interesting of the Big 4 North American sports. They are sources of debate, nostalgia, and pride in your team (as long as you like their sweaters).

    So, while we're eagerly waiting and hoping to see the headline "Labor Deal Reached, NHL to have Partial Season," let's take a look at some of the best jerseys from the past.

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

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    I don't care if it's from a Disney movie; that's a great logo. Also, the NHL needs more of a variety in color, and adding eggplant and jade back to the palette would be something that most fans would like.

    Anaheim's current third jerseys are terrific, but when the Ducks took away "Mighty" from their name, they threw away one of the more creative and interesting jerseys in the league.

Buffalo Sabres

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    I'm probably in the minority here, but there's something about these Sabres jerseys that I like better than the current ones. The current ones are great, don't get me wrong, but something about the black, silver, and red along with the logo always looked good in my eyes.

    The red alternate jerseys of the time were also some of the best in the league, even if they were a little New Jersey-ish. 

Carolina Hurricanes/Hartford Whalers

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    I can hear the Brass Bonanza now!

    Can the Hurricanes please skate these out for a couple games a year? Please?

    Carolina's jersey now aren't terrible, but when the franchise moved south, they let one of the most creative logos of all time go to waste.

    You can see the "W" for Whalers, but can you see the "H" for Hartford?

Colorado Avalanche/Quebec Nordiques

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    Hockey fans will have to hope the NHL returns to Quebec soon. It's an amazing hockey city, and we may get a chance to see these duds again.

    In the meantime, can we try to get the Avs in a Winter Classic so they can wear these?

Dallas Stars

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    How can you go from this to one of the most boring jerseys in the league? Not only did losing these take more green away from the NHL, but it took away one of the most creative and exciting designs in the league.

    Icethetics.info, a very reliable site when it comes to hockey jerseys, reports that Dallas, along with Buffalo, may introduce new uniforms in 2013-14. Hopefully the design the team had before Reebok took over can transfer onto the Reebok EDGE design. 

Detroit Red Wings

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    Detroit's Winter Classic jerseys from 2009 were some of the best the league has ever seen. Taken from the 1927 Detroit Cougars, the Wings wore them on New Year's Day 2009 as well as in the last home game of that season. Unfortunately, they have not been worn since.

    Now that the Red Wings are slated to host the Winter Classic on New Year's Day 2014, we will likely see a different throwback-type jersey. Maybe it will be just as good and Detroit will keep it as an alternate. One can only hope.

Edmonton Oilers

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    The color scheme of these is really cool, but I never understood the huge hype with these duds. Nevertheless, I'm sure many fans would like to see the Oilers use something like this as a third jersey since they currently have only a home and road sweater.

Nashville Predators

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    Why did the Preds have to get rid of these? They're head-and-shoulders better than anything they've ever worn, but they were only around for two seasons.

    This jersey hardly has any flaws: the logo is great, the fonts of the names and numbers are not obnoxious like their other uniforms and the jersey has a very classic, vintage feel to it.

New York Rangers

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    ...And we have these. Everyone's favorite.

    One of the best logos the sport has even seen on a great color scheme with a plain yet unique design. These jerseys are very patriotic and definitely very New York.

    The current alternates are somewhat like this, but Rangers fans will never be satisfied unless they see this logo on the front again.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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    The old Robo-Pen jerseys from the late '90s-early '00s were a personal favorite of mine. The logo was much better than the current one is, and the color scheme, unlike the current one, was very vibrant and exciting.

San Jose Sharks

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    San Jose's current jerseys are pretty good looking. Not too much wrong with them. However, this jersey from the '90s was the best they've ever worn. It has a great vintage feel to it while keeping the original teal-black-silver-white color scheme.

    While the logos of these jerseys and the current ones are equally good in the same way, the main thing that makes this jersey stand out from the current one is that there is no orange. Silver looks much better.

Vancouver Canucks

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    The Canucks' jerseys right now are pretty good for the most part (aside from a less-than-impressive logo and an obnoxious "VANCOUVER" text arched over it), but these are easily the greatest sweaters in the team's history.

    The all-black look is intimidating, while the light use of gold and red accents the jersey and makes it stand out. The best thing about this sweater, however, is the logo. It was without a doubt one of the best in the league when it was in use.

Washington Capitals

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    Right now, the Capitals have a less-than-impressive home/road set, but one of the better third jerseys in the league. Washington needs to keep the third jerseys, but it really needs to replace the tacky and boring home and road set with the old eagle jerseys.

    The design was unique and not an annoying Reebok template, the logo was striking instead of a boring and futuristic work mark and the shade of blue used on these was one of the best colors you can see, rather than the overused red and bland dark blue combo of the current set.

Winnipeg Jets

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    Lastly, it would be great to see the current installment of the Winnipeg Jets use this for a few games a year. Technically, this look is property of the Phoenix Coyotes franchise, but I'm sure they could work out some deal to let the current Jets use it. After all, it's just a jersey and it's not like the Coyotes will ever use it.

    Avalanche at Winnipeg in a future Winter Classic? Wearing the old Nordiques and Jets jerseys? Sounds like a win to me.