WWE Survivor Series 2012: Did WWE Make the Right Teams?

Nick HouserCorrespondent IINovember 8, 2012

The 2012 WWE Survivor Series teams have been announced, with one change having taken place already. In looking at the teams as they are now, did WWE nail it, should they have kept the original teams or are both teams garbage all together?

There's certainly pros and cons to both old and new, but it doesn't matter—the teams could still be better.

Let's take a look at the originally announced teams then move on to the latest five-man teams to see how they stack up. We'll finish with a look at the potential each team had.


The Original Teams

The CM Punk-led team featured The Miz, the Rhodes Scholars and Alberto Del Rio. On the other side, Mick Foley would captain his team of Ryback, Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No and Randy Orton.

I, for one, am glad it changed.

Paul Heyman announced the Miz would be on Punk's side. It was obvious Kingston would be on Foley's. Rhodes Scholars arrived next, making it clear that Hell No would oppose them.

Not only did Del Rio's inclusion spark the need for Foley to employ Orton, it didn't make much sense. There's little reason for Del Rio and Punk to work cohesively.

There were plenty more questions to consider too.

Why isn't John Cena involved? Will the WWE Championship, tag titles and intercontinental belt really not be on the line? Kane and Daniel Bryan don't even like each other, why would they agree to join the team?

If Dolph Ziggler is a top talent and a top heel, why isn't he involved? Especially if he isn't doing much in the World Heavyweight Championship scene, a cash in is something he could do in addition to his own match anyway.

Too obvious and too many holes. The original teams weren't great.


The New Teams

The WWE Universe has already seen a switcheroo.

Punk is now removed, and his title will be on the line in the main event. His challenger is Ryback, who was also removed from Team Foley.

Good, that's the way it should be.

However, while Punk was replaced by Ziggler, Ryback's spot has yet to be filled.

It should have been Cena.

Instead, Cena gets a spot in the WWE Championship match, too. In the end, this makes sense too, as now Punk can pin Cena and it won't damage Ryback's image any. Still, Cena would have been better suited stepping aside and leading a Survivor Series team.

So now it's Team Ziggler versus Team Foley.

Yet, there was no information provided for why Foley, whose animosity was aimed toward Punk and who also hand picked Ryback for a reason, would remain the captain. There's nothing in it for him now (hence, Cena should have been a captain).

The current teams still make it clear that the Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships will not be on the line.

Additionally, if Orton is to turn heel soon, doing so at Survivor Series doesn't make a great deal of sense. Who is he going to turn on exactly—Kofi?

Then there's Wade Barrett.

His inclusion makes loads of sense. He can make the feud between he and Orton (something that has been teased) official at Survivor Series. So again, Orton shouldn't turn heel yet.

Also, Barrett joined on the premise that Heyman would owe him. The reward will likely be a World Heavyweight title shot, giving Barrett the incentive needed to join. But now that Punk is out, Heyman doesn't owe Barrett a thing. Thus, there's one more confusing, unexplained aspect.

In the end, Team Foley is incredibly weak still.

First, they still only have four members. There aren't many options left on the roster, either, so it's going to be tricky (Great Khali, a revamped Jack Swagger, a returning Mark Henry or a face-turning Miz are the most viable). It's also highly plausible that Bryan and Kane will essentially eliminate each other.


What Could Have Been

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, so it makes it easy to armchair quarterback after decisions are already made. However, there are still two weeks until Survivor Series, so there's plenty of time to make more changes. Unfortunately, there's not enough time to blow both teams up and start over.

So, what should have been?

Well, to start, John Cena should have led one team while Dolph Ziggler captained the other.

These two have been feuding lately, and captaining teams at SS would allow them a match without actually making either look very weak. It's one thing to lose in singles elimination. It's less impacting to lose after a 10-man brawl.

Team Cena should consist of Orton, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. The final member should be one of the following: the Miz, who left the heel team, or a youngster like Justin Gabriel or Tyson Kidd.

Team Ziggler could then employ Barrett, the Prime Time Players and Del Rio.

Both teams would be strong and they'd compliment each other well. The move would free up WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston to put his title on the line as well as Hell No to defend the Tag Team Championships.

All titles would be on the line, and everyone else would still have a place on the card.

The original teams were lame. The new teams are mediocre, when they could be great. They may not end up that way, though. Luckily, there's still time to make them better.


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