Why Kobe Bryant Is the Best There Is Today

Shermura AndersonContributor IMarch 16, 2009

I have been a Kobe fan for almost 12 years now.

Throughout my time watching him, I have noticed that everybody hates the guy. He has but so many fans. Yet, Kobe is the most anticipated superstar there is today.

Everybody wants to know what he is going to do next. Well, only Kobe knows the answer to that.

He has the best in the game right now. He has all the makings of the best player ever to lace them up, except for one thing: a ring of his own.

I know he has three already, but he was looked at as the sidekick in those wins alongside Shaq. But this year is his year.

I strongly believe he will win his second straight MVP, and dance right on to the finals.

At the finals, Kobe and his team will beat up on either Boston or Cleveland for about five or six games. There you would have it, his fourth championship ring.

LeBron cannot be on a level with Kobe or Dwyane Wade. Not right now. He doesn't have far to go, it is just a season or two too early for him.