Terrelle Pryor to Ohio State: Understanding the Decision

Kyle RichardsonContributor IMarch 20, 2008

Yes, it shocked me, too, when I first heard Terrelle Pryor finally had made up his mind and decided to head to Ohio State.

I figured that, after his late visit to Oregon, he would have fallen in love with the brand-new facilities and the birthplace of Nike. Can't forget to mention those highlighter color jerseys, as well.

Being from the Northwest, I really was rooting for him to pack up and head west, where I think he would have fit well in Oregon's offense and would have been a better Dennis Dixon.

Knowing all along it was a long shot for him to go so far from home, my next guess was that he would head to Michigan and be the focal point in Rich Rodriguez's duel-threat quarterback offense.

Pryor had an amazing 4,250 career rushing yards and 4,249 career passing yards in high school. How did Oregon or Michigan not land this kid?

Then I started to think maybe it's more than just how nice the facilities are or how perfect he would fit into the style of play those two teams play.

When I first heard his decision I honestly thought he just put all the schools in a hat and drew a name. Then, I looked to see who else the schools have signed and his decision made a lot more sense to me.

The next two highest recruits Ohio State signed were offensive lineman, the No. 1- and No. 4-ranked player at their position.

Then, the next highest recruit signed was ranked 21 overall and fourth in his position, a 6-foot-2, 190 pound wide receiver who ran a 100 meters in 10.7 seconds.

Michigan and Oregon still have no signed recruits ranked as high as these four players, including Pryor.

Ohio State goes on to get a corner, line backer, defensive tackle, and another offensive lineman scattered in the top 100 recruits of 2008. After seeing who all the schools had signed, Pryor's decision made a lot more sense to me and might be a better fit than a lot of people think.