Biggest 2012 Fantasy Football Busts so Far: BR5

BR5Daily ShowNovember 7, 2012

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Fantasy football can be just as emotional to the people playing as it is to the NFL players who do the real thing. So, when your team is underwhelming, it's a huge disappointment. Especially when you picked players that originally were slated to do really well.

Matt Forte and Chris Johnson are marquee backs who seemed like no-brainer picks, but halfway through the season we're still waiting for them to put up marquee numbers. It will be hard for Johnson to top his spectacular season from 2009, but if he doesn't, he might have to start looking for a new team.

Quarterback is an increasingly crucial position in fantasy football, so the importance of picking a good one is paramount. Cam Newton broke records his rookie year, but he's breaking Carolina Panthers fans' hearts this year, with low numbers.

The fantasy gods have always smiled upon MIchael Vick coming into the season, as his explosive rushing potential always makes him a risky, but potentially good pick. This year, fantasy owners have only seen the risky side.