Seminoles Must Dominate the Hokies to Stay in BCS Title Race

ABCCorrespondent INovember 7, 2012

BLACKSBURG, VA - NOVEMBER 08:  Quarterback EJ Manuel #3 of the Florida State Seminoles celebrates with offensive lineman Josue Matias #70 of the Seminoles after throwing the game-winning touchdown in the final minute against the Virginia Tech Hokies at Lane Stadium on November 8, 2012 in Blacksburg, Virginia. The Seminoles won 28-22.  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
Geoff Burke/Getty Images

FSU is still lingering around—and just barely—in the BCS title discussion.

It would take some big upsets and a little love from the polls to backdoor the ‘Noles into the championship game down in Miami, but it can happen—only if FSU keeps dominating inferior opponents, as it should this Thursday night.

The Hokies of Virginia Tech are not a good football team. It really is that simple. They have not recruited well over the last several years—they really never do—and there are starting to be serious question marks surrounding the coaching staff.

Frank Beamer, the longtime leader of the Hokies, is having his worst season in decades, and Bud Foster, the highly touted defensive coordinator, is having a down year.

This is why FSU, a team filled to the spout with NFL-caliber players, should crush the Hokies on Thursday night. The gap in talent is so widespread that it’s hard to understand how Virginia Tech could even make this a contest.

I’m not sure—and this applies to most ACC teams when they are compared to FSU—if any of Virginia Tech’s players can crack FSU’s first string. FSU is superior at literally every position—and it’s not even close.

Even Virginia Tech’s special teams, which are normally celebrated because of “Beamer Ball,” are inferior to FSU’s unit.

With that in mind, however, FSU’s road struggles should not be ignored. This 2012 Tribe is a different team on the road. It dominates and crushes teams at Doak Campbell Stadium, but seems to be lost on the road.

Fumbles, penalties and questionable coaching decisions have haunted FSU in its away games. The Seminoles have played sloppy football and have had to rely on overwhelming opponents with raw talent.  

Regardless, this is a chance for the ‘Noles to correct their road woes. Most of the college football nation will be watching, including people who vote in the Coaches’ and Harris polls, and it would be a great opportunity for FSU to show how a quality team should woodshed an inferior opponent.

I’m not saying it will—Virginia Tech’s A game is capable of beating FSU’s C game—but a thorough spanking of the Hokies is what FSU must deliver on this crisp, chilly Thursday night in Blacksburg.

It’s FSU's only hope to stay in the title race.