You People Better Hope and Pray That Randy Orton Doesn't Hurt Someone Tonight

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 16, 2009

Get ready. Everyone would be wise to now prepare themselves for something horrible to happen.

Last week Triple H broke into Randy Orton's home, and did what no intelligent man would have done.

He damaged Randy's home, threatened and screamed at a defenseless woman (Orton's wife, who was portrayed by an actress, but let's follow the storyline, shall we?), and threw Orton himself through a window before being arrested.

Smart thinking?

Not quite, he just removed the word "cerebral" from Cerebral Assassin.

We all know Randy Orton has a bit of a temper.

To us, a bad temper might mean raising our voice or even punching a wall.

To Randy Orton, a temper means that people get badly hurt.

Not a punch to the face and no longer a spit on the cheek, because Randy Orton doesn't just hurt people, he ends their careers.

So now we take that man who was provoked further and place him under the watchful eye of thousands of live fans and millions of viewers at home.

Bad combination.

The only thing Triple H should be grateful for is the fact that there are not many people he cares about left for Orton to hurt.

He wiped Batista out of conscious thought, punted the life out of Vince and Shane McMahon and then RKO'ed Triple H's very own wife, Stephanie McMahon.

Orton's biggest problem is that there might not be anyone left for him to expel the rage that will overcome him.

So the entire Raw roster better do well to stay clear of this man's path because if they don't, they're likely to get hurt. Randy Orton has all the potential to blow up tonight and if he does, it won't be pretty.

Triple H better hope he's still in jail, it's safer there.