Greg Gilmore: Will 4-Star DT Commit to LSU, Florida or Oklahoma on Thursday?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIINovember 7, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Four-star defensive tackle Greg Gilmore is set to make his decision between LSU, Florida and Oklahoma this Thursday, but which school will be the lucky program to get his commitment?

Apparently it's a very close race for the talented defensive player, but according to Bob Przybylo of, Gilmore will definitely make his announcement Thursday afternoon.

All three are great football schools, thus all three would be great options. If you're asking me, I have to believe the Florida Gators will get Gilmore's commitment.

With the three final schools being so close in prestige, talent and national relevance, this race will come down to the little details that separate them.

Distance from home is generally a pretty big factor in many recruit's decisions, and according to Przybylo's report, it's going to be something that Gilmore will at least take into account:

It’s not that Gainesville, Fla., is close in proximity to Hope Mills, N.C., but it is in comparison to Baton Rouge, La., and Norman, Okla. Home is less than eight hours from Florida, while it is 14 hours to LSU and 19 hours to OU.

Distance isn’t a major factor, but it is a bit of a concern to Gilmore.

“I’m not too worried about it, but it is pretty far from LSU and OU,” Gilmore said. “It’s a significant difference. It’s just another thing I have to think about.”

That quote from Gilmore is very telling. It's not the ultimate factor, but you can tell that proximity is going to be something that the 4-star defensive tackle does consider.

Florida is the closest school of interest to Gilmore's home of Hope Mills, North Carolina, and if his decision does indeed come down to the small details, I believe that will give Florida the eventual advantage over Oklahoma and LSU.

The Gators look good on all other accounts as well, though.

Will Muschamp has rebuilt them into a national power, their 2013 recruiting class is already very strong, and they're in contention to be a major factor in the SEC this year and for years to come.

Przybylo also states Gilmore likes Florida's depth chart situation, and one look at it would lead one to believe that it's very favorable for the 4-star defensive tackle.

Out of the four defensive linemen on their current depth chart, according to, three out of their four linemen are upperclassmen, with Omar Hunter being a Senior. That means the depth chart will clear out in the next few years as these players graduate, which would make a lot of room for Gilmore.

Muschamp also only has one defensive lineman currently committed to his 2013 class in 4-star Caleb Brantley, so that helps their cause as well.

In the end, Florida would provide Gilmore with the same chances of winning big that both LSU and Oklahoma would, and some would argue that they have a greater chance. He'll also be closer to home and have a favorable depth chart to compete against.

I believe all these factors will lead Gilmore to choose the Florida Gators this Thursday afternoon.

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