76ers' Lavoy Allen Gets over Mitt Romney Loss by Hitting on Stacey Dash

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76ers' Lavoy Allen Gets over Mitt Romney Loss by Hitting on Stacey Dash
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Sometimes you just have to spit game, even in the face of political defeat. 

BuzzFeed spotted a hilarious tweet from Lavoy Allen that attempted to turn his bad news into a very nice dating opportunity. 

It all revolves around the chance to flirt with very attractive Hollywood hottie, Stacey Dash. Some of you might know her as Dee from Clueless.

You see, the Philadelphia 76ers power forward is a proud Republican and avidly supported Mitt Romney. 

He even tweeted this sad note when he missed a prime opportunity to meet his favorite Presidential candidate.


As we all know, Romney lost out on his bid for the White House and Barack Obama will be the President for four more years. 

Some dealt with that news better than others. Democrats celebrated, while Karl Rove wanted to stay up all night until every last vote was counted. 

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Allen, being a man's man, decided to pounce on the opportunity and tweet at Dash, who is also a Romney supporter.


That's one way to turn an election night frown upside down. 

There is no word on whether the 23-year old forward, who is averaging a shade over four points a game this season, was successful with his tweet to the 46-year-old Dash. 

That brings us to the most bizarre part of this story—that Dash is 46 years old. 

The woman does not age and we are beginning to think there is some wizardry at work here. As for Allen, good luck with the whole hitting on Cher's BFF from Clueless

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