Most Overrated and Underrated NFL Head Coaches of 2012

Josh Zerkle@JoshZerkleChief Writer IIINovember 7, 2012

Some NFL head coaches never get their due. Others seem to get too much credit. 

The head coaches of the NFL are unique in the pressures they face each autumn. In no other venue is so much work scrutinized so quickly or by so many. Even the executives at any given Fortune 500 company have an entire quarter to show results. These guys have to do it in a week—every week—until they either quit or get fired. 

Some guys handle that better than others.

Consider Lovie Smith, who has been at the controls for the Chicago Bears since 2004. Smith seems to be on the hot seat every year, and yet his team went to the NFC title game in 2010 (not last season, although that game actually was played in the 2011 calendar year) and currently sits atop the NFC North this year. Some say Smith should have been fired long ago. Others think he's not getting the credit he deserves for the Bears' success.

On which side of the overrated/underrated fence did we put Lovie? You'll have to watch our latest video debate to be sure.

Check out our takes in the video above, and leave us your coaches of choice in the comments below. Thanks again for watching.