WWE Divas: Will We Ever See Divas Tag Team Championships?

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistNovember 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The WWE's divas division may appear to be in shambles due to the vast array of talented women who have left over the past year, but the topic of divas tag championships potentially being introduced one day is still being debated by members of the WWE Universe.

Women's wrestling has been extremely volatile over the course of WWE history. There was some effort put into it during the 1980s, with Wendi Richter serving as the main star, but it disappeared for a while until its revival in the mid-1990s.

Women's wrestling didn't truly reach its peak until the Attitude Era, when some of the most talented divas in history burst onto the scene, including Chyna, Lita, Trish Stratus and many more.

When you consider the quality of women's wrestling then, the WWE's current divas division probably looks like a wasteland. The Bella Twins, Maxine, Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix have all departed over the past several months and the WWE is now left with a bare-bones roster of capable female wrestlers.

Eve, Layla, Kaitlyn and Aksana are the only divas being used regularly at the moment, while A.J. and Natalya are in the fold as well. There is some talent in NXT Wrestling, but there is no telling who will be able to translate effectively to the WWE and who won't.

When Beth and Natalya, who referred to themselves as the Divas of Doom, were running rampant over the divas division earlier in the year, talk of tag titles really intensified. The WWE had already unified the women's and divas championships, so it seemed like the plan was to consolidate more than anything. However, the proposal was an interesting one.

It wouldn't be the first time that the WWE utilized tag titles in the women's division. The company featured women's tag team championships from 1983 until 1989. The titles weren't defended often and they weren't a featured part of the product, but The Jumping Bomb Angels did defeat The Glamour Girls for the straps at the first Royal Rumble event in 1988, so there was some significance to those titles.

Truthfully, the divas tag titles would have been a fantastic idea during the Attitude Era, because there were so many talented female wrestlers and it would have given the WWE an excuse to use them more often.

With that said, I simply don't see the overall talent level and commitment necessary for divas tag titles to be relevant in the current product.

The WWE doesn't have to look any further than TNA to see that there isn't much demand for something like that.

TNA likes to tout its women's division as the best in wrestling, and there is no question that there are a lot of quality female wrestlers on the roster. However, rather than making the knockouts tag titles meaningful, the writers gave them to ODB and Eric Young.

The notion of a man holding a women's title is ridiculous enough, but I honestly can't even remember the last time ODB and EY defended those championships.

TNA has downsized its knockouts division in a big way, and the knockouts tag championships have suffered because of that. I believe that something similar would happen in the WWE, so it would be counterproductive to introduce titles that are bound to become comedic in nature.

Divas already have a difficult time earning the respect of the viewing audience because there is a misconception that they're all models who couldn't care less about the business. While that may be true in some cases, I doubt that the divas would put their bodies on the line if they didn't enjoy what they're doing.

At the same time, divas tag titles aren't the answer. The WWE needs to focus more on creating quality storylines and pitting divas against each other who can have great matches. I'm not sure if the WWE actually cares enough to do that, but adding new titles into a bad situation is never the answer in professional wrestling.


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