The Greatest Single Season Player Performance in Every NHL Team's History

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor INovember 7, 2012

The Greatest Single Season Player Performance in Every NHL Team's History

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    In professional sports, there are times when players need to be singled out for extraordinary regular-season performances.

    In the history of each NHL franchise, at least one player has had an exemplary regular season that puts them above all others who have worn that respective team's sweater.

    Here are the greatest single-season player performances in every NHL team's history.

Anaheim Ducks

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    Player: Teemu Selanne

    Achievement: 109 points

    Season: 1996-97

    The Finnish Flash is one of only a few players in the history of the NHL to have set regular-season records for multiple teams, and he owns every major offensive record for the Anaheim Ducks.

    His 1996-97 campaign was by far the best of his tenure with the Ducks, a year that saw him score a total of 109 points.

    The year before, Selanne had set a record for most goals scored in a season by an Anaheim Duck, so it was amazing to see the Flash post back-to-back exemplary seasons.

Boston Bruins

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    Player: Phil Esposito

    Achievement: 76 goals and 152 points

    Season: 1970-71

    Although Bobby Orr's 1970-71 campaign may be considered more impressive, considering he was a defenseman, it is hard to go against Phil Esposito's explosive 1970-71 campaign.

    The skilled forward set team records for goals and points in a season when he lit the lamp 76 times and tallied 152 points that season.

    These two records will be hard to take away from Esposito, when you consider how the landscape of the NHL has changed over the decades. 

Buffalo Sabres

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    Player: Pat LaFontaine

    Achievement: 53 goals, 95 assists and 148 points

    Year: 1992-93 

    The 1992-93 season was an explosive year for the Buffalo Sabres, and it was the season that Alexander Mogilny managed to score 76 goals in a single season.

    However, Pat LaFontaine's explosive season enabled him to set a team record for total assists and points in a single season.

Calgary Flames

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    Player: Kent Nilsson

    Achievement: 82 assists and 131 points

    Season: 1980-81

    The 1980-81 season was the best of Kent Nilsson's entire NHL career, and it was the greatest regular-season performance in the history of the Calgary Flames.

    During the 1980-81 campaign, Nilsson recorded 82 assists and finished with 131 points. It was a historic year for Nilsson, and one he will never forget.

Carolina Hurricanes

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    Player: Blaine Stoughton

    Achievement: 56 goals and 100 points

    Season: 1979-80

    Blaine Stoughton's 1979-80 season was a year in which he set a Hartford Whalers record for most goals in a season.

    Although he finished five points behind Mike Rogers that season for the team record in points, it was a career year for the Hartford forward.

Chicago Blackhawks

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    Player: Denis Savard

    Achievement: 44 goals, 87 assists and 131 points

    Season: 1987-88

    Denis Savard was one of the greatest players in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks, and he owns two regular-season records for the Original Six franchise.

    In 1987-88, Savard recorded 87 assists and 131 points, and those numbers still stand as the best for a single-season in Blackhawks history.

Colorado Avalanche

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    Player: Joe Sakic

    Achievement: 51 goals, 69 assists and 120 points

    Season: 1995-96

    The entire 1995-96 season, including the playoffs, was magical for Joe Sakic, but playoffs are excluded in these rankings.

    Nonetheless, Burnaby Joe's 69 assists and 120 points led a Colorado Avalanche team to win the Stanley Cup, a year that many fans cherish as one of the greatest in team history.

Columbus Blue Jackets

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    Player: Rick Nash

    Achievement: 40 goals, 39 assists and 79 points

    Season: 2008-09

    Rick Nash was traded this summer by the Columbus Blue Jackets, but he left owning many of the team's offensive records.

    The 2008-09 season is the only year that the Blue Jackets have made the playoffs, and not coincidentally, it was Nash's best year.

    During that season, he set the team record for points with 79 and finished with one less goal than his single-season high of 41.

Dallas Stars

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    Player: Dino Ciccarelli

    Achievement: 55 goals and 106 points

    Season: 1981-82

    Dino Ciccarelli had just come off one of the best rookie playoff performances in NHL history when he started the 1981-82 season, and it was a year worth remembering.

    Ciccarelli's 55 goals set a franchise record, and his 106 points are only eight less than the franchise's record for most points in a single season.

Detroit Red Wings

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    Player: Steve Yzerman

    Achievement: 65 goals, 90 assists and 155 points

    Season: 1988–89

    Steve Yzerman is arguably one of the greatest centers in NHL history, and certainly one of the greatest players to sport a Detroit Red Wing sweater.

    The 1988-89 campaign was an electrifying year for Stevie Y, and he set three franchise records that still stand today.

    It is unlikely that anyone will ever come close to touching these records, and they further reiterate how great of a player Yzerman was.

Edmonton Oilers

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    Player: Wayne Gretzky

    Achievement: 163 assists and 215 points

    Season: 1985-86

    The fact that Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player in NHL history, is listed for the Edmonton Oilers is no surprise.

    Gretzky was an electrifying player who owns dozens of NHL records, including the most assists and points in a regular season.

    His 163 assists and 215 points during the 1985-86 campaign will never be broken, and it is a staggering feat that illustrates the greatness of Wayne Gretzky.

Florida Panthers

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    Player: Pavel Bure

    Achievement: 58 goals and 94 points in 74 games

    Season: 1999-00

    Pavel Bure wasn't healthy through the entire 1999-00 campaign, and he still managed to set a Florida Panthers regular-season record for points with 94. The following season, Bure played in all 82 games, but only had one more goal and two less points.

    The Russian Rocket was one of the greatest goal scorers in league history, and his 1999-00 season was a great one for Bure and the Panthers.

Los Angeles Kings

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    Player: Wayne Gretzky 

    Achievement: 168 points


    Wayne Gretzky is back on the list, but he appears for the Los Angeles Kings this time.

    Gretzky set an NHL record for points three years earlier with the Edmonton Oilers, but his 168 points in 1988-89 was a respectable total for the Great One in his inaugural season with the Kings.

Minnesota Wild

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    Player: Marian Gaborik

    Achievement: 42 goals and 83 points

    Season: 2007-08

    Marian Gaborik is the current franchise leader for goals and points, but his 2007-08 was his best for the Minnesota Wild.

    Gaborik lit the lamp 42 times in 2007-08, and he finished the year with 83 points. These two stats set single-season records for the Wild, and they are totals that new acquisition Zach Parise should aspire to break during his next decade in Minnesota.

Montrel Canadiens

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    Player: Guy Lafleur

    Achievement: 56 goals, 80 assists and 136 points

    Season: 1976-77

    Guy Lafleur set a franchise record for points in 1976-77 with 136 points, but his 80 assists fell two short of the franchise record set by Pete Mahovlich.

    Lafleur is one of the greatest Montreal Canadiens, and his 76-77 campaign was one of his greatest achievements.

Nashville Predators

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    Player: Pekka Rinne

    Achievement: 43 Wins

    Season: 2011-12

    Pekka Rinne is one of the NHL's top goaltenders, and he is a netminder who finished third in the Vezina voting this past season.

    Rinne's 2011-12 season set a franchise record for wins by a Nashville Predators' goalie, and it was arguably the greatest single-season performance by a Predator in team history.

New Jersey Devils

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    Player: Martin Brodeur

    Achievement: 48 wins and 12 shutouts 

    Season: 2006-07

    Martin Brodeur is arguably the greatest goaltender in NHL history, and he set an NHL record for wins in a regular season with 48 during the 2006-07 season.

    Brodeur also recorded 12 shutouts and had a 2.18 G.A.A. during his historic season.

New York Islanders

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    Player: Mike Bossy

    Achievement: 147 points

    Season: 1981-82

    Mike Bossy is arguably one of the greatest forwards of the 1980s, and he is one of the greatest New York Islanders in team history.

    His 1981-82 campaign enabled him to set a franchise record for points with 147, and he also recorded 82 assists, four less than Bryan Trottier's franchise record.

New York Rangers

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    Player: Brian Leetch

    Achievement: 80 assists and 102 points

    Season: 1991-92

    It is fair to say that Jaromir Jagr's 2005-06 season in which he set three New York Ranger single-season records was better than Leetch's 91-92 campaign, but there are a few reasons why Leetch gets the nod.

    Jaromir Jagr was a very dynamic player, but his 2005-06 season wasn't the greatest of his career, and he also missed out on the Rocket Richard and Art Ross Trophies that season.

    Brian Leetch is the greatest defenseman in Rangers' history, and his 91-92 season was one of the most dominant in NHL history amongst defenseman.

    Leetch was recognized for his efforts with a Norris Trophy and First-Team All-Star selection in 1992, and for that reason his 91-92 season was the most impressive season performance in team history.

Ottawa Senators

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    Player: Dany Heatley

    Achievement: 50 goals, 55 assists and 105 points

    Season: 2006-07

    Dany Heatley is one of the greatest players ever to skate for the Ottawa Senators, and his 2006-07 season was the greatest regular season performance in Sens history.

    During that campaign, Heatley set a franchise record for goals in 50, and points with 105.

Philadelphia Flyers

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    Player: Bobby Clarke

    Achievement: 30 goals, 89 assists and 119 points

    Season: 1975-76

    Bobby Clarke is one of the most iconic players in Philadelphia Flyers history, and he set a franchise record for assists with 89 during the 1975-76 season.

    Clarke only played in 74 games that season and finished with 119 points, four short of a franchise mark later established by Mark Recchi in 1992-93.

Phoenix Coyotes

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    Player: Teemu Selanne

    Achievement: 76 goals and 132 points

    Season: 1992-93

    The Finnish Flash set two NHL-rookie records during the 1992-93 season, and it was an explosive start to a Hall-of-Fame career.

    Selanne scored a staggering 76 goals and registered 132 points during the season, marks that will never be broken.

    These records were set while Selanne was with the Winnipeg Jets which eventually became the Phoenix Coyotes.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Player: Mario Lemieux

    Achievement: 85 goals, 114 assists and 199 points

    Season: 1988–89

    Mario Lemieux, if healthy his entire career, would have stood a chance to make a run at many of Wayne Gretzky's records.

    Lemieux was the greatest player ever to skate for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and he set three franchise records during the 1988-89 season that not even the great Sidney Crosby will be able to break.

St.Louis Blues

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    Player: Brett Hull

    Achievement: 86 goals and 131 points

    Season: 1990-91

    "The Golden Brett" is arguably one of the greatest St.Louis Blues in team history, and his 1990-91 season was one for the ages.

    In 1990-91, Hull set two regular-season franchise records when he scored 86 goals and recorded 131 points.

    Hull is the No.2 scorer in St.Louis Blues' history, but has the highest point-per-game average among all Blues players with 1.26.

San Jose Sharks

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    Player: Joe Thornton

    Achievements: 92 assists and 114 points

    Season: 2006-07

    Joe Thornton is one of the best players in San Jose Sharks history, but his 2006-07 shines above all others.

    Thornton had 92 assists and 114 points that season, and it set franchise records for assists and points for the San Jose Sharks.

Tampa Bay Lightning

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    Player: Vincent Lecavalier

    Achievement: 108 points

    Season: 2006-07

    Vincent Lecavalier is the Tampa Bay Lightning's all-time leading scorer, and his 2006-07 set a franchise record for points.

    That season,the Tampa Bay captain also scored 52 goals, eight less than Steven Stamkos scored in 2011-12.

Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Player: Doug Gilmour

    Achievements: 95 assists and 127 points

    Season: 1992-93

    Doug Gilmour is one of the greatest players ever to suit up for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and his 1992-93 campaign set two team records.

    Gilmour's 95 assists and 127 points during the same season still stand to this day, and it is unlikely that they will ever be broken in the same season.

Vancouver Canucks

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    Player: Henrik Sedin

    Achievement: 83 assists and 112 points

    Season: 2009–10

    Henrik Sedin set two franchise records for the Vancouver Canucks in 2009-10 when he recorded 83 assists and 112 points.

    The Canucks' captain remains one of the team's best players, and his records will likely remain in his name, unless his brother can out perform him in the coming years.

Washington Capitals

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    Player: Dennis Maruk

    Achievement: 76 assists and 136 points

    Season: 1981-82

    Alex Ovechkin has had a few exemplary seasons during his Washington Capitals' career, but DennIs Maruk's 1981-82 season blows them all out of the water.

    In 1981-82, Maruk had 76 assists and a total of 136 points, both franchise records that stand to this day.

Winnipeg Jets

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    Player: Ilya Kovalchuk

    Achievement: 52 goals and 98 points

    Season: 2005-06

    Ilya Kovalchuk set a franchise record for goals in a regular season with 52 in 2005-06, when the team was still called the Atlanta Thrashers.

    Marian Hossa set the franchise record for points with 100 the following season, but he played in four more games than Kovalchuk did the year before.