Denver Green Bay QB Swap Makes Sense

andy pechContributor IMarch 16, 2009

If Cutler really wants to be traded, there is a possibility some might think crazy, but hear me out and realize this is all simply a matter of conjecture. The Packer’s should offer an even up trade, Rodgers for Cutler, no questions asked, no tears shed.

Let’s start by imagining why the Packer’s might be better off without Rodgers, a quarterback who put up impressive numbers in his first season as a starter. It has a lot to do with one who will not be named in this article but looms so large in Green Bay that only a Super Bowl victory will fully extricate Rodgers from his shadow. I don’t want to talk about this old QB anymore and the only way that is going to happen is having a new QB to talk about who isn’t forever linked to the end of a legend.

Who cares about the past? Rodgers did fine. Young followed Montana. It would be ok to think that except for one thing. There is a major problem brewing in Green Bay and it is not the fault of their current Quarterback. The Packers are dangerously thin on talent. I know a lot of people think the Packers are just a couple of players away but the facts really don’t point in the direction of a Super Bowl. They are totally revamping their defense not by adding players, but by changing coaches and the system. Their defensive and offensive lines are in shambles. Reality tells us they need players. They can’t draft all of them in one draft. So it really doesn’t look like Rodgers is going to win a Super Bowl soon.

Let’s say the Packers don’t make the playoffs and there is a tailspin of firings, bad seasons and losses. It will be all about Rodgers. He will be blamed. He will be replaced. His career ruined and many more years of rebuilding for the Packers will follow. In the long run, going to Denver might be the best thing that could happen to Rodgers.

How would things be different for Cutler in Green Bay? Because a lot of the unmentionable shadow will move to Ted Thompson and some will follow Rodgers to Denver. Cutler will have the breathing room that Rodgers will never get.

There is one more important factor that helps Cutler in Green Bay; the mystique of a flamboyant, strong-armed quarterback. This is where I think I will get a lot of argument because it is simply a matter of opinion. I am not all that excited by Rodgers. It short, I find him to be dull. Cutler on the other hand, is the guy I imagined to be the next gunslinger. I’m not sure if this is an accurate assessment of Rodgers, but he simply doesn’t seem like the leader of the Pack. I’m a little scared the Packers are losing what it took them so long to get back. I think a bold move like this could prevent the slide.