10 Guidelines for Your Fantasy Football Roster

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10 Guidelines for Your Fantasy Football Roster
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My girlfriend hates fantasy football. From September to January, the Washington Redskins and my fantasy leagues consume my life. (According to her)

I can’t argue with her either. There’s only so much football that a girl can take.

Come Sunday, I am glued to my computer, her iPad or my cell phone, as I’m hitting refresh at a compulsive rate. NFL RedZone might have the best/worst invention ever for I feel it to be a necessity when I ordered my cable package.

I’m currently sitting at my desk and to the right of me is my glorious fantasy football trophy from last year. That’s right, I have bragging rights for the duration of the season as I hoisted my beautiful crown.

It’s cornered in my room as it reflects off the sunlight. My name “Tom Natali” is engraved on it, which has become one of my most prized possessions along with my guitars, drums, Chad Smith signature series snare drum and now a fantasy football league trophy.

How have I become so obsessed with waiver wires, predictions and my infatuation with Drew Brees as long as he’s not playing the Redskins?

I can actually direct that question to football fans as a whole, fantasy football has grown exponentially in popularity and a nation has become obsessed.

Fans aren’t rooting just for teams anymore; they’re rooting for individuals and their accomplishments. I found myself yelling at Brent Celek to get me one point last night.

To be honest with you, it’s stressful. You want to beat your friends. You kick yourself for benching Randall Cobb over Antonio Brown and get a little trigger happy with trade offers.

Now just because I was last year’s champion in my league, doesn’t qualify me as an expert. In fact, I’m downright mediocre this year.

However, here are my 10 guidelines to success during your fantasy season.

Disclaimer: these are opinions, not facts. Don’t get mad at me if it doesn’t work out.

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