Schumacher: A Perfect Time For Return To F1?

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Schumacher: A Perfect Time For Return To F1?

Now that Ross Brawn is in charge of his own F1 racing team—formerly known as Honda—I find myself wondering about his next step in building a race winning team. Isn't it time Michael Schumacher returned to the sport in a real and constructive way—and who better to join than BGP?

I have heard no rumors to suggest this might be so, it is simply the result of my own brand of logic. Considering what the pair did for Ferrari between them, I cannot help but imagine what they would do for their very own group. Mr. Brawn says he wants to attract sponsorship. I would suggest that the Schumacher name alone would be worth many millions... and that's before scoring a point!

The one person who may not be so happy would be Jenson Button. I feel Michael would not tolerate Button's often displayed "Such is Life" attitude when taking yet another early trip home. Sorry Jenson, but he'd be more likely to drag you out of the car and drive it himself!

...... as I said, it was just a thought.

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