Oakland Raiders' Draft (Three of Six)

tim spoonauerContributor IMarch 16, 2009

Third Round

Brian Robiskie

A good receiver that can walk in and make plays. He is a solid wideout, not spectacular at anything but also not weak in any category. This type of receiver reminds me of Hines Ward; he just flat-out can play.

Robiskie was a good player at Ohio State and didn't have the best senior year, but I believe that was because of Terrelle Pryor, who is a runner more than a passer, a la Vince Young. People aren't sure if Robiskie will be there in the third, but I think with the large number of good receivers, he will be there.


Mitch King

This man can play DE, DT, and OLB. Now that is what I call depth. He can help us at all these positions and can become special at this level for blitzing and helping the Raiders get to the QB. For those that don't know, King played for Iowa and was a damn good player. I really hope we can get our hands on him.