5 Things the New York Jets Have to Do to Get Back on Track

Mitch Petanick@firstpitchmitchCorrespondent INovember 6, 2012

5 Things the New York Jets Have to Do to Get Back on Track

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    The most recent loss to the Seattle Seahawks seemed to have sealed the fate of the New York Jets this season. The ship is sinking in New York.

    There have been a couple of games where the Jets have looked like a playoff team this season. Unfortunately, the majority of the games have come with very disappointing outcomes. With a 3-6 record, some Jets fans have already given up on this season.

    The good news for the Jets is the rest of the schedule is relatively soft the rest of the way. In the second half, the Jets will face the Cardinals, Chargers, Titans, Jaguars, Bills and Rams, all sub-.500 teams.

    They still have to face the Patriots on Thanksgiving night, but that game is very winnable. 

    Here is a list of the five things the Jets have to do the rest of the year, in order to win their remaining games, and get their season back on track.

5. Limit the Turnovers

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    It sure sounds simple enough—teams that turn the ball over more than their opponents tend to lose the game.

    Through eight games this season, the Jets have a -1 turnover ratio.

    The key in the second half will rest on the defense creating turnovers, and the offense keeping possession of the ball. To keep it in perspective, the Patriots, whom the Jets are chasing in the division, have a turnover ratio of +13.

4. Stop the Run

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    For having a defensive-minded head coach, the Jets are awful at stopping the run. They currently rank 29th out of 32 teams in the NFL at stopping the run.

    By not stopping the run, it allows the other team to eat up valuable time on the clock, and keeps the Jets' offense off the field.

    While it may seem at times like a better option to not have the Jets' offense on the field, generally speaking, it’s not a recipe for winning games. If your offense is not on the field, you can’t win games. Period.

3. Get the Ball into Joe Mcknight's Hands

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    Joe Mcknight is the most dynamic offensive player on the Jets' roster.

    They have to start getting him the ball in open spaces, and create mismatches with linebackers trying to cover him in the short passing game. This will open up the Jets' running game, and in turn, open up the passing game.

    Through the first half of the season, the Jets' best offensive weapon has not been used enough in their schemes. Hopefully this changes in the second half.

2. Run the Ball Effectively

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    Sanchez arguably had the best game of his season during week seven against the Patriots. He was throwing the ball down field with a lot of success. Throwing the ball downfield will open up the running game.

    The Jets are currently ranked 14th in the NFL in rushing. They only have four runs of 20+ yards, and one run of 40+ yards.

    Simply stated, for a team whose offense is based on the run, they have to do a much better job running the ball. Running the ball effectively will keep the opposing offense off the field, and take pressure off the Jets defense.

    However, if they want to have a successful running game, there has to be a threat of a passing game. It's time to turn Sanchez loose.

1. Keep Tim Tebow on the Sideline

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    It’s safe to say the Wildcat formation has been an epic failure this season. Watching Tebow trod into the line for one-yard gains has run its course.

    The Wildcat was very effective when the Jets had Brad Smith. The reason it was effective was there was an actual threat of throwing a pass, and Smith could take it to the house on a run at any given time. Tebow does not bring that threat with him on to the field.

    Keep Tebow on the sideline and stop messing up the momentum of the offense. The Jets are not using him in the right situations, and it is hurting the progress of the team offensively.