Keep Crying Cutler Away!

Max Jet FanContributor IMarch 16, 2009

I will admit as a athlete it would be wonderful to have Cutler be a  member of the New York Jets.

After following recent events surrounding the whole turmoil in Denver, Cutler needs to grow a pair, cut the cord, or insert any other saying you wish. Seriously in any walk of life especially being a professional athlete, management, owners, they are always trying to improve their product. It's blatantly obvious Cutler skin is so thin it's transparent.

I could just imagine...After a horrible performance as a Jet and having to face the media. He would start crying during the press conference and would put his house up for sale after reading the ten newspapers covering his four interception performance.

It is very unlikely the Jets will get Cutler, and to be honest, after I expressed my feelings on the matter, I would still like to see him in the Green and White. If this were the case I just hope he signs a month to month lease.

We wouldn't want him crying over losing money on his house too. I would be shocked if he did end up a Jet, but I could've never imagined Brett a Jet either.