The 100 Hottest Dancers in the NBA

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterNovember 7, 2012

The 100 Hottest Dancers in the NBA

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    The NBA regular season just recently kicked off. Everyone is watching the Lakers to see how Kobe and Pau are going to gel with newcomer vets Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Eyes are on the Thunder to see how the young team is going to perform without their sixth man, James Harden, and against a suddenly stacked rival in the Lakers.

    We all want to see if Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose will make a speedier than anticipated recovery from his knee injury and return this season. We'll all be watching to see if Celtics point guard can step up and be the leader of a team that is going to find itself without its championship winning vets before too long.

    Then there's what's going on in Houston. Will James Harden and Jeremy Lin legitimately make a splash, or will the Rockets just fizzle? And of course, all eyes are on the Heat to see if the Big Three can repeat as NBA champions in 2013. 

    But there's something else that often draws the eyes of nearly every man attending an NBA game for varying portions of every game: NBA dancers. Athletes, celebrities and just regular fans in the stands are often caught slack-jawed with their eyes glued to the picturesque performing beauties.

    The NBA is stacked with beautiful dancers, but maybe you don't do a proper sampling outside of your own team. That's where I come in, as usual. I've roamed the Interwebs for two straight days to bring you the 100 most stunning dancers in the NBA. 


100. Victoria, New Orleans Hornets

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    Victoria is a rookie member of the Hornets Honeybee dancers, a longtime dream of hers that became reality this year. She performed as a member of her high school dance team for all four years and is currently a junior, majoring in nursing, at Southeastern Louisiana University. 

    One more fun fact: Information is lacking on Victoria so far, but I do know that she's 20 years old. 

    Victoria is a newbie, so no official bio or gallery yet. 

99. Andi, Atlanta Hawks

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    Andi is a second year member of the Hawks dancers who was born and raised in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. She's an accomplished bargain shopper, she hates seafood, and her favorite holiday is Christmas. [I always wish they would mix it up and pick something like Guy Fawkes Day]

    One more fun fact: The only thing better than one Andi? Two Andi's! Homegirl has an identical twin sister, which probably created so much stress for their father growing up. 

    Click Here for Andi's Official Bio and Gallery. 

98. Kimberly, Portland Trail Blazers

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    Hometown hottie Kimberly was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and is currently in her fifth season as a member of the BlazersDancers. At the moment she's finishing up her undergraduate studies in Health Sciences and plans to pursue a doctorate in Physical Therapy down the road. 

    One more fun fact: Kimberly has been both teaching and dancing at the same studio for the last 22 years. I think I'd need a change of scenery after awhile. But that's just me. 

    Click Here for Kimberly's Official Bio.

97. Tanisha, Milwaukee Bucks

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    Tantalizing Tanisha is a four-year veteran of the Bucks dance team Energee! She's a student at Marquette University whose favorite holiday is Christmas. Tanisha likes grooving on the dance floor with her friends and hanging out with the family in her spare time. 

    One more fun fact: She lists a number of blech shows and movies among her favorites, but I must give her props for loving the underappreciated Tim Meadows classic The Ladies Man. Say what you will, but that nonsense was ridiculous. 

    Click Here for Tanisha's Official Bio and Gallery. 

96. Monica, Toronto Raptors

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    Ms. Monica is going into her second year as a member of the Raptors Dance Pak, and she's one of their more interesting characters. Her favorite movie is (inexplicably) A Night at the Roxbury. She loves dirt biking, has a crush on Chris Brown (yes, that Chris Brown), she's superstitious about "karma" and her favorite restaurant is the Hard Rock Café. 

    One more fun fact: If Monica could be any superhero in the superhero universe, it seems it would be Aquaman. When asked if she could have any superpower, which would it be, she listed the ability to breathe underwater. I must admit I'm intrigued by this one. 

    Click Here for Monica's Official Bio and Gallery.

    *Note: This was pulled from the 2011-12 site; it hasn't been updated yet. Hopefully, she's still there. 

95. McKell, Utah Jazz

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    Mesmerizing McKell is a rookie member of the Spurs Nu Skin dancers who goes by the nickname "Kell." She was born and raised in South Ogden, and if she could have an endless supply of any food on earth, it'd be ice cream. She also lists the Steelers as her favorite sports team, which means she's extremely awesome. 

    One more fun fact: McKell finds it disgusting to see and hear people chewing their gum, as do I, so how about you people stop?

    Click Here for McKelle's Official Bio and Gallery.

94. Travasha W., Indiana Pacers

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    Temping Travasha is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana and describes herself as bubbly, funny and reliable. She happens to have a Facebook page, but there's really no reason for it because it's an Interwebs ghost town. 

    One more fun fact: She actually is funny. On the Pacemates official page, they asked all the girls what their "car stops for," and standard answers were "french fries" and "shopping mall." My girl Travasha responded: "For gas—all the time!"

    Whatever. It made me LOL. 

    Click Here for Travasha W.'s Official Bio and Gallery. 

93. Taylor R., Detroit Pistons

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    Tempting Taylor is a natural-born athlete whose hidden talent is an ability to "flip." Unless she means it like "flip out?" I know that's my own personal talent. She would chose Mila Kunis to play her in a movie and her celebrity crush is Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum (can't blame her there). 

    One more fun fact: If you were dating, Taylor could sit through an entire day of a Friends marathon with you. Just don't lie to the girl—that's a dealbreaker. 

    Click here for Taylor's Official Bio and Gallery.

92. Valerie, Philadelphia 76ers

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    Valerie is a two-year veteran of the Sixers Dream Team Dancers who was born and raised in Sewell, New Jersey. Her favorite things about Philly are all the great restaurants (a cheesesteak fan, it seems) and Love Park. 

    One more fun fact: Valerie's occupation is pediatric echosonographer. I have no idea what that is, but it sounds important. 

    Click Here for Valerie's Official Bio and Gallery.

91. Kelley, Chicago Bulls

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    Ms. Kelly is a native of Westchester, Illinois and a graduate of the Benedictine University in Lisle. (I've never heard of it either, but I trust her.) She was one of six Luvabulls selected to travel overseas for a week-long trip to entertain the troops. She was also asked to sing the national anthem at a NATO base. 

    One more fun fact: After high school, Kelly became a member of the Adrenaline Rush Dancers, an AFL football team. After that experience, she waited a full six years before trying out to become a Bulls dancer. 

    Click here for Kelly's Official Bio and Gallery. 

90. Ashley, Dallas Mavericks

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    Astonishing Ashley comes to Dallas via Detroit, Michigan, where she gradated from Michigan State University. She's going into her third season as a member of the Mavericks dance team, and she's gotten into the local sports teams, often attending Cowboys and Rangers games with her friends. 

    One more fun fact: My girl Ashley has beauty and brains; eventually, she plans to pursue a doctoral degree in physical therapy and start her very own practice. 

    Click Here for Ashley's Official Bio.

89. Lacey, Charlotte Bobcats

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    Lacey was born and raised in Seattle, Washington before moving to Charlotte to become a dancer for the Bobcats' Lady Cats. She's an outdoorsy girl sometimes and enjoys running and traveling, but she also likes to catch movies with friends and engage in regular retail therapy. 

    One more fun fact: Lacey is kind of obsessed with Paula Deen and wants to take cooking lessons from her to learn how to add pounds of butter to every recipe. Anthony Bourdain would not be pleased. 

    Click Here for Lacey's Official Bio and Gallery.

88. Ashley L., Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Hometown hottie Ashley was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma and looks like the ultimate midwest girl next door. She's a four-year veteran of the Thunder dancers and a graduate of the University of Oklahoma who majored in public relations. 

    One more fun fact: Ashley lists Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as the two celebrities in the entire world that she would most like to meet. That's for real. I wish I was making it up, but I am not. Sheesh.

    Click Here for Ashley's Official Bio and Gallery.

87. Anncell, San Antonio Spurs

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    Attractive Anncell is a Southern California girl who loves the beach but hates bananas. Seriously. She hates bananas. Her dream job is to be a sports broadcaster and she loves Mexican food. 

    One more fun fact: Anncell's favorite website is, just like you! I'm not the only one!

    Click here for Anncell's Official Bio and Gallery. 

86. Erika, Portland Trail Blazers

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    Rookie BlazersDancer Erika was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she spent eight years at the Ballet West Conservatory—she performed in The Nutcracker three years running. 

    One more fun fact: Erika tried out to be a BlazersDancer three times before actually making the team. You gotta respect that kinda dedication. Holla, girl. 

    Click Here for Erika's Official Bio.

85. Emily, Denver Nuggets

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    Ms. Emily is going into her second year as a member of the Nuggets dancers, and she lists one of her nicknames as "Hoobaganoosh." Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

    She's a hometown girl who was born and raised in Thorton, Colorado, and she loves herself some chicken wings and ice cream—not mixed together.  

    One more fun fact: Emily describes herself as obsessive-compulsive, studious and (ironically) youthful. Those first two don't describe many young people I know…but perhaps I just know a bunch of losers. 

    Click Here for Emily's Official Bio.

84. Sara, Milwaukee Bucks

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    Sassy Sara is a rookie member of the Bucks dance team Energee! She's a student at University of Wisconsin Parkside and she loves ice cream and Halloween. She also enjoys outdoor activities and chillin like a villain (or a Disney Princess) with her friends and family. 

    One more fun fact: Sara's favorite movie is Napoleon Dynamite. Does anyone else think that's just crazy strange? At least she's being true to herself, though. 

    Click Here for Sara's Official Bio and Gallery.

83. Malaysia, Boston Celtics

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    Ms. Malaysia is homegrown mellifluence, having been born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts—she even attended Worcester State University. Malaysia started dancing at the age of nine, her biggest fear is snakes, and according to her official bio, her favorite vacation spot is Miami Beach. (Home of the Heat?!?!)

    One more fun fact: If she could invite any five people to a celebrity dinner party, it'd be her mother, father, brother, grandmother and her old dance coach. Either she misunderstood the celebrity aspect of that question or her family is famous as hell. 

    Click Here for Malaysia's Gallery

82. Ashley C., Detroit Pistons

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    Angelic Ashley is a big-time jazz fan who has a natural talent for baking pies. A good cook—I suppose the line forms to the left, boys. Just make sure you chew those pies with your mouth closed; otherwise, she'll kick you right out of her life. Ashley's celebrity crush is Canadian cutie Ryan Reynolds, and she'd cast Reese Witherspoon to play her in a movie. 

    One more fun fact: Ashley is truly a girl after my own heart. If she had to sit down for a TV marathon on a rainy Sunday afternoon, her show of choice would be the Showtime serial killer masterpiece Dexter. Truly one of the greatest shows in the history of television. 

    Click Here for Ashley C.'s Official Bio and Gallery. 

81. Tasha, Utah Jazz

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    Ms. Tasha is a two year veteran of the Jazz Nu Skin dancer who was born and raised in Syracuse, Utah. I had no idea there was a Syracuse in Utah. Her favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys, her favorite TV show is Modern Family and her dream is to become a famous actress. 

    One more fun fact: Tasha, despite being part of the one percent (looks wise!), describes herself as very easy to get along with and a jokester at heart. 

    Click Here for Tasha's Official Bio and Gallery.

80. Jessica T., Atlanta Hawks

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    Jessica is a second year member of the Hawks dancers who brags that she has never broken a bone and purchased her own home at the age of 25. [Congrats] She also brags that she was the first out of her college graduating class to get a job, and continues to brag that she is able to change her own oil and tires. 

    One more fun fact: Brags Jessica, she was nominated for Teacher of the Year her very first year teaching. But it seems like she didn't win, because she certainly would have included details about her trophy and the parade they gave her. 

    Click Here for Jessica T.'s Official Bio and Gallery. 

79. Jennifer, New Orleans Hornets

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    Jennifer is a four year veteran of the Hornets Honeybees dancer and a graduate of Southern Miss University, where she danced for the basketball team her freshman year and went on to major in dance. She loves dance because it's a great way to captivate people—and captivate people she does. 

    One more fun fact: Jennifer is living the single live in New Orleans and having fun enjoying the local cuisine, taking in movies and shopping with her girlfriends. Definitely one of the best cities in the country to be doing just what she's doing!

    Click Here for Jennifer's Official Bio and Gallery.

78. Jenni, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Jenni's bio is limited still because the Thunder web team hasn't got their act together, but I know she was born and raised in Tusla, Oklahoma. She's also attending Oklahoma University. 

    One more fun fact: Jenni is a student and a dance instructor, as well as a Thunder dancer. 

    Click Here for Jenni's Official Mini-Bio and Gallery.

77. Lindsay, Portland Trail Blazers

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    Lovely Lindsay is a rookie member of the BlazersDancers this year, but she's a hometown girl who was born and raised outside of Portland in Clackamas, Oregon. She first began dancing for audiences when she joined her middle school dance team and loved it so much that she's been doing it ever since. 

    One more fun fact: Lindsay is a graduate of the University of Oregon, which is well known to have the hottest cheerleaders and dancers in the country. And that's not me saying that, that's just science. 

    Click Here for Lindsay's Official Bio.

76. Ashley, Philadelphia 76ers

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    Ashley is a four-year veteran of the Sixers dancers, but she was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She's a dance instructor by day, and her favorite things about Philly are the historical landmarks, theaters, museums and all the people. 

    One more fun fact: Ashley loves shopping. Shocking, no?

    Click Here for Ashley's Official Bio and Gallery.

75. Erin, Chicago Bulls

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    Luvabulls dancer Erin is a native of St. Louis, Missouri and graduated from Southeast Missouri State University before heading north for Chicago. She's a Bulls dancer by night, but a legal assistant at a downtown Chicago law firm by day. Undoubtedly the most popular legal assistant in the entire building. 

    One more fun fact: During her college dance career, Erin discovered a love and, apparently, a talent for impersonating the great Tina Turner. She said it was a crowd pleaser, but is happy the video never found its way to the YouTubes. 

    Click Here for Erin's Official Bio and Gallery.

74. Iman, New Orleans Hornets

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    Iman is a two year veteran of the Hornets Honeybee dancers and a classically trained dancer who studied at the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts from a young age. She's a hometown girl, born and raised in New Orleans, and currently senior at Tulane University, where is is pursuing a BFA in Dance. 

    One more fun fact: Iman may be a very busy girl, but she's also a Twitter addict. She spends much of her downtime tweeting and says she just loves Twitter. [Who doesn't, right?]

    Click Here for Iman's Official Bio and Gallery.

73. Eri, Portland Trail Blazers

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    Eri was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, before moving to Oregon to study International Business at the University of Oregon. In college she was a member of the Cheer Dance Team and she's going into her sixth season as a member of the BlazersDancers. 

    One more fun fact: Eri's younger sister Lisa is also a member of the BlazersDancers team, which is one of her favorite parts of dancing for the team. 

    Click Here for Eri's Official Bio.

72. Madison, Utah Jazz

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    Magnetic Madison is a rookie member of Jazz Nu Skin dancers who was born and raised in Kaysville. She has a number of nicknames, so if you meet her you can also refer to her as "Mads" "Moo" and "Mimi," but I'd still go with Madison if you don't want her to think you're a full-on stalker. Just a note. 

    One more fun fact: Mimi doesn't like when people are late, so if the hand of God intervenes and allows you a date with this dancing goddess, you best not be late. 

    Click Here for Madison's Official Bio and Gallery.

71. Denisse, Atlanta Hawks

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    Denisse is one of the savvy veterans of the team, having been a member of the Hawks dancers for the last five seasons. She grew up wanting to be a cop, she was prom queen, she believes in ghosts and she says she's allergic to sweat—which, if was actually true, should have killed her already—right?

    One more fun fact: Denisse claims to be very shy. For some reason, I'm just not buying this one. Oh, and manicures make her sleepy. 

    Click Here for Denisse's Official Bio and Gallery. 

70. Tamara AJ, Indiana Pacers

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    According to her Facebook page, tantalizing Tamara began her dance career at the age of five in her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. As a teenager, she and her family moved to Indianapolis, setting the stage for her future as a Pacemate (seriously, that's what they're called). Before becoming an NBA dancer, Tamara spent four years as a member of the WNBA Fever Hip Hop Squad. 

    One more fun fact: Tamara is a graduate of Purdue University, where she majored in communications and minored in dance. But it really should have been the other way around because it certainly seems like her entire life revolves around dance.

    Click Here for Tamara's Official Bio and Gallery. 

69. Brooke, Denver Nuggets

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    Brooke, Brookie, Brookester or Brooklyn—all names are acceptable when addressing this stone-cold fox, who was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado, which sounds very familiar for some reason. She's going into her second season as a dancer for the Nuggets and she's looking forward to Christmas. 

    One more fun fact: Brooke describes herself as rambunctious, fun and sarcastic. I think the first two are synonyms, but I'll give her a pass for the sarcasm thing. 

    Click Here for Brooke's Official Bio.

68. Bailee, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Totally boss Bailee is a Sooner through and through, having been born and raised in Moore, Oklahoma. She's going into he second season as a Thunder dancer and enjoys spending money that she doesn't have and eating tuna on crackers. 

    One more fun fact: Here's a Bailee fact that will make you feel old (well, it made me feel old): Her favorite show growing up was That's So Raven.

    Click Here for Bailee's Official Bio and Gallery.

67. Bonnie, Dallas Mavericks

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    Mavericks dancer Bonnie, nicknamed "Bon Bon," is going into her third season as dancer in Big D. She attended (or is attending) Texas Tech University and someday plans to work as an elementary school teacher. Bonnie enjoys singing, dancing, photography and volunteering at her church. 

    One more fun fact: Bonnie may be all church and children, but at least she's a dog person! She's got a pet boxer named Bella. 

    Click Here for Bonnie's Official Bio.

66. Rebecca, San Antonio Spurs

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    Spurs dancer Rebecca is a Thai food fanatic who once tore her ACL playing football. If she could play any position on the basketball court, it'd be a shooting guard because she's too teenie to play any other position. 

    One more fun fact: If Rebecca could travel anywhere in the world, it would be Egypt. She's obsessed with Pharaohs and such. 

    Click here for Rebecca's Official Bio and Gallery. 

65. Cristi, Detroit Pistons

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    Charming Cristi is a hip-hop fanatic whose dream vacation would be a jaunt to the Virgin Islands. She would chose Cameron Diaz to play her in a movie, and like so many girls these days, her celebrity crush is the very well put together Channing Tatum. But hopefully he can make her laugh, because that's her relationship dealbreaker. 

    One more fun fact: Everyone has one of those things that they pull out of their bag of tricks when they're drunk at a party; Cristi's is her ability to touch her tongue to her nose. Color me impressed. (I can wiggle my ears.)

    Click Here for for Cristi's Official Bio and Gallery.

64. Teresa, L.A. Lakers

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    Lakers lovely Teresa is in her second season as a member of the Laker Girls. She was born and raised in San Diego, California, and is currently a student at Fullerton College majoring in Graphic Design. 

    One more fun fact: Teresa's hobbies are very California predictable: Shopping, surfing and going tot he movies. 

    Click Here for Teresa's Official Bio and Gallery.

63. Kristi, Charlotte Bobcats

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    Kristi is a hometown girl who was born and raised in Gastonia, North Carolina. She's currently attending school with a study focus in psychology and marketing. The three things on her bucket list are traveling to Paris, visiting all of the U.S. states (she should really skip a few) and learn another language. 

    One more fun fact: Kristi's favorite movie is The Sound of Music, which I make my boyfriend sit through every single Christmas because it's always on. Finally, someone who appreciates the gloriousness of a young Christopher Plummer. 

    Click Here for Kristi's Official Bio and Gallery.

62. Kendall, Phoenix Suns

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    Scottsdale, Arizona, native Kendall describes herself as goofy, honest and passionate. Her favorite movie is Tina Fey's Mean Girls, and she can quote the entire movie. 

    One more fun fact: Kendall is a big Stevie Wonder fan, her favorite song being Sir Duke. 

    Click here for Kendall's Official Bio. 

61. Amber, Washington Wizards

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    Attention grabber Amber (who is legit reppin' us Ambers) is actually a Texas girl who moved from the Lone Star state to the DC area in recent years. You can tell that she's a recent transplant to the area because she lists viewing "our nation's monuments" while running errands as her favorite thing about the city. As a DC transplant myself, I know that definitely wears off after a couple of years. 

    One more fun fact: Her celebrity crush is Nationals rookie sensation Bryce Harper. I'm thinking she either has a thing for cocky guys with very bad hair or she's just playing the local odds. Personally, I'd have gone with John Wall because I know he's got the moves on the dance floor. 

    Click Here for Amber's Official Bio and Gallery. 

60. Yahné, Philadelphia 76ers

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    Yahné is a rookie dancer with the Sixers this year, but she's a hometown girl who was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She's a dance teacher by day and is also currently attending school to for physical therapy. 

    One more fun fact: Her best dancing memory was becoming a member of the Sixers Dream Team. Awwww. 

    Click Here for Yahné's Official Bio and Gallery.

59. Jessica, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Madison, Wisconsin, native Jessica is a three-year veteran of the Thunder Dancers. She loves her home state so much that she actually lists Northern Wisconsin as her favorite vacation spot. That's some serious devotion. I'm from Pittsburgh, and I love being there, but I'd probably pick someplace out of Pennsylvania for a vacation.

    One more fun fact: Jessica's morning routine consists of getting up, taking the dogs out and checking her G-Mail. And when she was younger, it consisted of watching the epic teen comedy Saved by the Bell. 

    Click Here for Jessica's Official Bio and Gallery.

58. Andrea, Sacramento Kings

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    Awesome Andrea was born and raised in Linden, California and finds herself most comfortable in blue jeans and flip-flops. She likes country music, she's driven, she enjoys lemonade, baseball and reading Cosmopolitan. 

    One more fun fact: When asked what superpower she could have, Andrea gave the most awesomely and practical answer that I've ever heard in my entire life: the power to always have a full gas tank. So amazing. So California. 

    Click Here for Official Bio and Gallery.

57. Nicole, Utah Jazz

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    Nicole, who is unfortunately nicknamed "Koley," is a six-year veteran of the Jazz Nu Skin dancers shown as born and raised in Kaysville. She thinks what people like most about her is that she's fun, caring and possesses a great personality. The fact that she's a stunning blonde who can dance probably helps a little too. 

    One more fun fact: Nicole is yet another one of her dance teammates who cannot stand when people chew with their mouths open. I find this absolutely disgusting myself and cannot get it out there into the universe enough. 

    Click here for Nicole's Official Bio and Gallery.

56. Jacquelyn, L.A. Lakers

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    Jacquelyn is going into her second season as a member of the Lakers Girls. She was born and raised in Claremont, California, and is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Business. Wonder what she thinks of the whole Lane Kiffin being a big fat cheater thing?

    One more fun fact: Jacquelyn's hobbies include listening to nutrition podcasts (seriously), learning how to surf, and bedazzling her clothes with rhinestones (seriously). 

    Click Here for Jacquelyn's Official Bio and Gallery. 

55. Meghan, Boston Celtics

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    Meghan was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, the site of the most awesome movie The Fighter. She's a graduate of UMass Amherst, is concerned about dying in a plane crash and her favorite movies are High Fidelity and 500 Days of Summer—both of with I love!

    One more fun fact: Meghan is a reality television lover; her favorite shows being Top Chef and/or Project Runway. 

    Click Here for Meghan's Official Bio and Gallery.

54. Julissa, Miami Heat

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    Julissa was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, but ditching the Big Apple for the sunny skies and sandy beaches of Miami, Florida. She's a fifth year member of the Heat dancers who has trained in various genres of dance for more than 12 years, but eventually she plans to put dance on the back burner to pursue a career in fashion. 

    One more fun fact: Jullissa's pet peeve is someone slurping and licking their damn fingers when they're eating—which is truly one of the most disgusting things in the world. She and I could definitely have a meal together and not get angry. 

    Click Here for Julissa's Official Bio. 

53. Rachel, Portland Trail Blazers

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    Rachel is a graduate of Portland State University where she majored in dance and is in her second year as a member of the BlazersDancers. She's been loving her time with the team, but her dream is to perform at a Trail Blazers playoff game. So get it together, boys. 

    One more fun fact: Rachel tried out for the BlazersDancers three times before scoring a spot on the team, in the mean time she spent two seasons shaking her stuff for the Winterhawks Rosebuds. 

    Click Here for Rachel's Official Bio. 

52. Andi, L.A. Lakers

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    Ms. Andi is in her rookie season as a Laker Girl. She was born and raised in Peoria, Arizona before eventually making her way out west. She's currently attending college and plans to major in communications. 

    One more fun fact: Andi's hobbies include playing the guitar, hiking and playing board games.

    Click Here for Andi's Official Bio and Gallery.

51. Katarina, San Antonio Spurs

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    Katarina can be found on Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, and on her iPod, you can find her listening to either 90's alternative rock or Lady Gaga. If she could play any position in basketball, it would be point guard because she's tiny and fast. 

    One more fun fact: Katarina's favorite food is enchiladas, so remember that if you want to ask this saucy red head on a date. 

    Click Here for Katarina's Official Bio and Gallery.

50. Staci, Phoenix Suns

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    Hometown hunnie Staci is a native of Gilbert, Arizona and is a three-year veteran of the Suns dancers. She describes herself as determined, grateful and passionate. Her favorite vacation is Disneyland, and she's most passionate about her family. 

    One more fun fact: Staci's favorite movie is the underrated Tina Fey comedy Baby Mama.

    Click here for Staci's Official Bio.

49. Nikki, Atlanta Hawks

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    Nikki is a four year veteran Hawks dancer who was raised in Jamaica. She says she's very shy and was a tomboy growing up, but she danced on tour beginning at age eight. 

    One more fun fact: Nikki is afraid of dogs and frogs. And probably…bogs, logs and hogs too. 

    Click Here for Nikki's Official Bio and Gallery.

48. Paige J., Dallas Mavericks

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    Pretty Paige is a Texas girl through and through, attending Texas Christian University and going into her fifth year as a Mavericks dancer. She's not a homebody, either; her hobbies include wakeboarding, snowboarding, traveling and attending sporting events. 

    One more fun fact: Paige has a positive, albeit exceptionally vague career goal: Be successful!!! She's young, though; she'll probably focus in on something soon enough. 

    Click Here for Paige J.'s Official Bio

47. Lauren M., Chicago Bulls

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    Luscious Lauren is a native of Lebanon, Missouri and obviously a smarty pants because she's a graduate of Northwestern University. This ridiculously striking redhead works in finance for a nonprofit organization that focuses on global development projects to bring clean water and disease treatment/prevention to third-world countries. 

    One more fun fact: Lauren definitely made an impression at Northwestern—the dance team has a sideline routine named after her. I suspect Lauren makes quite the impression just about everywhere she goes. Am I right or am I right?

    Click Here for Lauren M.'s Official Bio and Gallery 

46. Justene, L.A. Clippers

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    Justeeny, as people in her life that she probably dislikes call her, is a California girl who attended Cal State Long Beach, where she was a sorority girl. She may be a rookie Clippers dancer, but homegirl has been dancing since the age of three and is pretty much trained in everything but that Michael Flatley Riverdance. Heck, she may even be trained in that, but too embarrassed to say. 

    One more fun fact: Justene is one girly girl. Her favorite shows are Grey's Anatomy, Glee and Gossip Girl, and she loves rocking out to Ms. Britney Spears in the car. It may sound tragic, but something tells me any guy could learn to live with it, if it meant Justene came with the package. 

    Click Here for Justene's Official Bio and Gallery.

45. Tramera, New Orleans Hornets

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    Ms. Tramera is in her second year as a Hornets Honeybees dancer and has been a competitive dancer since the age of five, having travelled around the country competing and participating in dance workshops. 

    One more fun fact: Tramera has trained with some big time names like Tyce Diorio and Wade Robson, both choreographers from FOX's summer hit So You Think You Can Dance. 

    Click Here for Tramera's Official Bio and Gallery.

44. Kelsey, L.A. Lakers

57 of 101

    Kelsey is going into her second year as a member of the legendary Laker Girls. She was born and raised in Santa Clarita, California and a graduate of Cal State Long Beach, where she majored in dance. Her hobbies include jogging, hiking and fishing, and her fondest memory as a child was a family trip to Yosemite. 

    One more fun fact: Kelsey loves her some Pau Gasol, Will Ferrell, The Black Keys, Ice Cream and Dory from Finding Nemo. 

    Click Here for Kelsey's Official Bio and Gallery.

43. Carly, Sacramento Kings

58 of 101

    Cutie Carly is actually a blonde now, but personally, I like her better as a redhead. Judgement call. She was born and raised in Danville, California, and you're likely to find her relaxing at home in cozy socks under a soft blanket. She describes herself as strong, is looking for devotion in a friend and she wants to vacation in Hawaii. 

    One more fun fact: Carly is one of the dancers to list a legit superpower when given the option! She chose teleportation. Thank you! I've been very frustrated with some of the other choices.

    Click Here for Official Bio and Gallery.

42. Crystal, Atlanta Hawks

59 of 101

    Crystal is a rookie Hawks dancer this year and is not the only member of that team with a ridiculously irrational fear of frogs. [Are there a lot of frogs in Atlanta or something?] She's never had an alcoholic beverage, she has a thick southern accent, and she enjoys murdering Alligators. 

    One more fun fact: At age five, Crystal set a very adult goal: To maintain perfect attendance all throughout school. It doesn't say if she achieved that goal, but she probably wouldn't bring it up if she didn't. Right?

    Click Here for Crystal's Official Bio and Gallery.

41. Sterling, San Antonio Spurs

60 of 101

    Sterling is a dancer at heart who has Rihanna, Tyga, Skrillex and Britney Spears on her iPod. She strives to be a high school dance director and eventually own her own dance studio. 

    One more fun fact: Sterling says she may be the only person in San Antonio, Texas not to love Mexican food. 

    Click Here for Sterling's Official Bio and Gallery. 

40. Jay, Toronto Raptors

61 of 101

    Assuming she made the team in 2012-13, Jay is going into her second year as a member of her hometown Toronto Raptors Dance Pak. This country girl is also a night owl and a triple threat: She can dance, sing and act. Jennifer Hudson better watch her back because this gorgeous lookalike (seriously, look) is also an aspiring screenwriter in her spare time. 

    One more fun fact: Like any true Canadian, Jay prefers Tim Hortons to Starbucks, and her favorite actor is fellow Canadian Shia Lebeouf.

    Oh, and do you want to know what makes Jay laugh? Funny things. So learn some damn jokes if you want a chance with this one.  

    Click Here for Jay's Official Bio and Gallery.

    *Note: This was pulled from the 2011-12 site, it hasn't been updated yet. Hopefully she's still there. 

39. Brandee, Miami Heat

62 of 101

    Cuban-American cutie Brandee is a rookie dancer for the Heat and a hometown hottie from Miami, Florida. She's an aspiring adrenaline junkie who has skydiving on her bucket list, and her dream vacation spot is Bora Bora. (Mine too! She probably wouldn't want to go with a stranger, though.) She's a professional hairstylist by day and would one day love to owner her own beauty shop. 

    One more fun fact: Bradee has one serious pet peeve—bad freaking driving. So if you cut this unassuming beauty off on 95, expect her to flip you the bird and a serious dirty look. 

    Click Here for Brandee's Official Bio.

38. Lisa, Golden State Warriors

63 of 101

    Lovely Lisa is a three-year veteran of the Warrior Girls and a Bay Area native who grew up in Larkspur, California, but now lives in San Francisco. 

    One more fun fact: Lisa is experienced in a number of dance disciplines, but she's been busting hip-hop moves since the age of 14. 

    Click Here for Lisa's Official Gallery.

37. Courtney, Boston Celtics

64 of 101

    Celtics dancer Courtney, who is shapely and stunning, is ironically nicknamed "Moose." She grew up in Southern California, and she enjoys painting walls (and other things) in her spare time. Oh, and her favorite Celtics is Kevin Garnett, which means she's appreciates an oversized bad boy—just like me. 

    One more fun fact: Homegirl can count to 10 in German, French, Chinese, Spanish and, I suspect, English—even though it's not listed on her official page

     Click Here for Courtney's Gallery

36. Cassie, Philadelphia 76ers

65 of 101

    Sassy Cassie was born and raised in Howell, New Jersey before moving to Philly to become a member of the Sixers dancers, in which she's in her second season. She's a family-oriented girl who spends as much of her downtime with family as possible and she loves the history of Philly. 

    One more fun fact: Cassie is a dancer and a dance teacher, but she's also an aspiring model and actress. So give her a call if you're casting something—nothing inappropriate. 

    Click Here for Cassie's Official Bio and Gallery.

35. Brittany, Chicago Bulls

66 of 101

    Bewitching Brittany was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland before moving to Chicago after graduating from college. She has been trained in countless genres of dance since she was a small child, and even 10 years down the road, she sees herself still performing and teaching dance, but hopefully married with twin babies on the way. 

    One more fun fact: Brainy Brittany's proudest accomplishment was being the first grandchild in her family to graduate from college. And she did it with honors too! Which is more than I can say for my own college experience. 

    Click here for Brittany's Official Bio and Gallery.

34. Heather, Orlando Magic

67 of 101

    Heavenly Heather is a third year member of the Magic Dancers. She was born and raised in Windermere, Florida, which sounds like the name of a town in a fairy tale. She never travels without her shoes…but is there anyone that travels barefoot? I don't think you'd get past TSA if you didn't have shoes to take off and put back on. 

    One more fun fact: The shoes thing was totally weird, but Heather has good taste in movies and music. She can't stop listening to Passion Pit, and her favorite movie is Anchorman. 

    Click Here for Heather's Official Mini-Bio and Gallery. 

33. Ashley, Atlanta Hawks

68 of 101

    Ashley is a second year member of the Hawks dancers and a Kappa Delta Alumni. Unsurprisingly, her favorite color is pink, she's a hopeless romantic and she loves to travel. 

    One more fun fact: Ashley is an Aries. I don't find that fact fun at all, but she seems to. 

    Click Here for Ashley's Official Bio and Gallery. 

32. Ashley, Toronto Raptors

69 of 101

    Ashley is a three-year veteran of the Raptors Dance Pak, her hometown team, being born and raised in Toronto. Ms. Thang is currently in university studying physical health and education/kinesiology, meaning she's way outta your league. All that and and can twist her arm 360 degrees. Freaky. 

    One more fun fact: Speaking of freaky. Ashley is "freakishly afraid of squirrels." That's pretty weird. Perhaps she's not quite as far out of your league as I thought she was. But still…pretty far. 

    Click Here for Ashley's Official Bio and Gallery.

    *Note: This was pulled from the 2011-12 site, it hasn't been updated yet. Hopefully she's still there. 

31. Chanisa, Washington Wizards

70 of 101

    Charming Chanisa lists the entirety of the East Coast as her hometown; she was a military brat growing up. Her favorite part about DC is shopping, her favorite sport is football, her favorite show is America's Best Dance Crew, and if you want to ask her on a date, suggest the beach—it's her favorite. 

    One more fun fact: Chanisa lists Chris Brown (yes, that Chris Brown) as her celebrity crush and sucking her thumb as her guilty pleasure. Stuff just got weird up in here. 

    Click here for Chanisa's Official Bio and Gallery.

30. Heather, Sacramento Kings

71 of 101

    Heavenly Heather was born and raised in Fremont, California and is a fitness nut who you'll probably always find with a cup of coffee in her hand. She loves yoga and running, and if she could have any superpower in the world (any superpower in the world, mind you), she'd choose go-go Gadget arms. Sheezus. 

    One more fun fact: Heather has a fish phobia, which sounds absolutely insane, but my one-time best friend who I once lived with in Hawaii actually suffers from this weirdo phobia too. So it's crazy, but legit. 

    Click Here for Official Bio and Gallery.

29. Elizabeth S., Indiana Pacers

72 of 101

    Enticing Elizabeth is a native of Terre Haute, Indiana and describes herself as sweet, bubbly and energetic. That's about all I can tell you since she failed to fill out the "about me" section of her Facebook page. 

    One more fun fact: I do know one thing about Elizabeth! She likes french fries. 

    Click Here for Elizabeth S.' Official Bio and Gallery.

28. Brittney, L.A. Lakers

73 of 101

    Beautiful Brittney is entering her fourth season as a Laker Girl. She is a hometown girl who was raised in Laguna Niguel, California and a graduate of Chapman University with a major in business marketing. Hobbies are sewing and choreography. Bet that makes for fun weekends.

    One more fun fact: Brittney's favorite animal is a hippo, her favorite superhero is Batman, her favorite Laker is Pau Gasol and her favorite band is Stone Temple Pilots—a name I haven't heard in years.

    Click Here for Brittney's Official Bio and Gallery.

27. Nyomi, Miami Heat

74 of 101

    Nyomi, who often goes by Nene or Nana, is a two-year veteran Miami Heat Dancer and a graduate of the University of Florida. An intellectual in a pretty package, Ms. Nyomi would someday like to be a women's studies professor at a university. She's also a wannabe adrenaline junkie who plans to jump out of a plane at least once in her life. 

    One more fun fact: Actually, these are a few of her favorite things: Hawaii, oxtails with rice, Thanksgiving, The Notebook, R&B and white chocolate candy. 

    Click Here for Nyomi's Official Bio.

26. Desiree C., Indiana Pacers

75 of 101

    Delightful Desiree is a native of Green Fork, Indiana and going into her second season as a dancer for the Pacers Pacemates. According to her Facebook page, she's been a Pacers fan for as long as she can remember and she's very family orientated; she loves spending time with her five nieces. 

    One more fun fact: Desiree actually got her start on the sidelines of another Indiana team. She was a Colts cheerleader for three seasons and had the opportunity to travel the world as part of an AFE tour. 

    Click Here for Desiree C's Official Bio and Gallery.

25. Bianca, L.A. Clippers

76 of 101

    Bianca, but you can just call her "B," is a rookie Clippers dancer who was born and raised in La Mirada, California. She's got a great sense of humor because her favorite show is Arrested Development and excellent taste in men because her favorite actor is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It's quite possible that we were meant to be best friends. 

    One more fun fact: Bianca describes herself as driven, passionate and amiable. I think amiable that might be the first time I've ever heard someone describe themselves as amiable, and I really really liked it. She does actually look extremely amiable. 

    Click Here for Bianca's Official Bio and Gallery.

24. Becca, Sacramento Kings

77 of 101

    Beckoning Becca was born and raised in Sacramento, California, which may explain why her favorite TV show is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [Shudder] She likes to kick it in her downtime in a baggy t-shirt and/or sweats. 

    One more fun fact: Becca has never had a brain freeze. OMG, do you think that's her superpower?

    Click Here for Official Bio and Gallery.

23. Natalie, Detroit Pistons

78 of 101

    Exotically elegant Natalie's favorite kind of dance is hip-hop, and the best concert she's ever seen is Chris Brown. (Yes, that Chris Brown.) Her dream vacation is Ibiza and her celebrity crush is Cristiano Ronaldo (so she likes men tanner and more meticulously waxed than herself), yet being "too cocky" is a deal breaker for her in a relationship. Good luck with Cristiano, missy. 

    One more fun fact: Natalie is actually a bag of surprising with a positively Matthew McConaughey-esque hidden talent: She plays the congas. 

    Click Here for Natalie's Official Bio and Gallery.

22. Kristen H., Atlanta Hawks

79 of 101

    Kristen is a rookie Hawks dancer this year. She's loves 80's horror films and reality TV, she has an irrational phobia of small dogs (even though it's the big ones that can kill you) and she is (tragically) obsessed with Twilight. 

    One more fun fact: Kristen H. is the twin sister of Kirsten H., who is also a Hawks dancer. 

    Click Here for Kristen H.'s Official Bio and Gallery. 

21. Kirsten H., Atlanta Hawks

80 of 101

    Kirsten is a rookie Hawks dancer this year. She's an American history buff and a physics nerd, she's never had the flu, she hates chocolate, and, like her twin sister Kristen, she has an irrational phobia too—cats. Honestly, I get the cat thing more than the small dog thing. 

    One more fun fact: Kirsten H. is the twin sister of Kristen H., who is also a Hawks dancer. 

    Click Here for Kirsten H.'s Official Bio and Gallery. 

20. Erica, Boston Celtics

81 of 101

    Celtics dancer Erica is a homegrown hottie from Boston Massachusetts. Despite being a Celtics dancer, there's no place she'd rather be than at Fenway Park taking in a Red Sox game—just don't tell Celtics management. According to her official bio, Erica enjoy playing the piano, sailing and skiing. 

    One more fun fact: Erica loves sushi and her ideal vacation spot is Fiji—so now you have an opening line. I guess that was two fun facts. My bad. 

    Click Here for Erica's Gallery

19. Jackie, Washington Wizards

82 of 101

    Virginia native Jackie is a graduate of the University of Virginia who works as a physical therapist aide and is a rookie member of the Wizard Girls. She considers herself a foodie with a weakness for cheesecake, and if she wasn't a dancer, her dream job would be to be a food critic/writer in Europe. 

    One more fun fact: The person who inspires her is the absolutely epic comedian Tina Fey—a comedy goddess. Jackie loves Mean Girls, SNL and 30 Rock, and they attended the very same college. 

    Click Here for Jackie's Official Bio and Gallery. 

18. Rachael, L.A. Lakers

83 of 101

    Rachael is a rookie Laker Girl going into the 2012-13 season. She was born and raised in Cottonwood, California and currently attends Cal State Fullerton, where she is majoring in business administration. 

    One more fun fact: Rachael's hobbies include snowboarding, swimming and hiking. So no couch potatoes need apply. 

    Click Here for Rachael's Official Bio and Gallery.

17. Nicole, Orlando Magic

84 of 101

    Newbie Nicole is a Magic dancer rookie this year, so unfortunately, she doesn't have a complete profile up just yet—but I must say I'd like to know more. I do know she was born and raised in Deltona, Florida, which I thought only existed during spring break. Who knew?

    One more fun fact: Nicole never travels without her phone (who does?), loves The Notebook and can't stop listening to Usher. 

    Click Here for Nicole's Official Mini-Bio and Gallery. 

16. Shereka, Oklahoma City Thunder

85 of 101

    Superb Shereka is a native of Muskogee, Oklahoma and going into her fifth year as a member of the Thunder dance team. And proving she's from Oklahoma, she lists her dream vacation destination as Dallas, Texas—a fine city, but not exactly an exotic destination. 

    One more fun fact: Of every movie and television show ever made, Shereka's favorite character in any of them is any of the girls from Toddlers and Tiaras. That's a true story. Let's just hope she hasn't seen much else. 

    Click Here for Shereka's Official Bio and Gallery. 

15. Lisa, Chicago Bulls

86 of 101

    Illinois native Lisa graduated from Western Michigan University, where she trained as a dancer all through college. Her day job is a special education teacher, where she works at a therapeutic day school focusing on kids with emotional needs. It's no surprise that such a lovely lady lists her parents as the two people she admires most in her life. 

    One more fun fact: Lisa may look like Kelly LeBrock's gym teacher in Weird Science, but this lady has even more brains than beauty—if that's possible. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from WMU while managing to be an active participant in countless extracurricular activities. 

    Click here for Lisa's Official Bio and Gallery.

14. Roxanne, Sacramento Kings

87 of 101

    Foxy Roxy (it doesn't say anywhere that her nickname is Roxy; I just liked that it rhymed) was born and raised in Rocklin, California. She likes to rock out at home in fuzzy slippers in yoga shorts while watching Ice Loves Coco. 

    One more fun fact: Roxanne is a self-taught guitar player, so if you're looking for a hot broad to join your band, here ya go. 

    Click Here for Official Bio and Gallery.

13. Casey, Golden State Warriors

88 of 101

    Ms. Casey is the cagey veteran on a dance team stacked with rookies. She's going into her fifth year as a member of the Warrior Girls. She grew up in Danville, California, where she still resides today. She currently works as a personal trainer. 

    One more fun fact: Casey has been trained in a number of dance genres and began dancing as a small child.

    Click Here for Casey's Official Gallery.

12. Jenny, L.A. Lakers

89 of 101

    Ms. Jenny is a Laker Girl rookie this season, so be sure to encourage her at the games—but remember to be a gentleman. She was born and raised in Diamond Bar, California and a graduate of the University of California, Irvine. 

    One more fun fact: Jenny likes to keep it active during her downtime; her hobbies are boxing and Zumba. 

    Click Here for Jenny's Official Bio and Gallery.

11. Sarrah W., Indiana Pacers

90 of 101

    Sublime Sarrah is an Indiana native and a two-year veteran of the Pacers Pacemates (which I always read as Pacemakers). According to her Facebook page, she's a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington who graduated with honors with a degree in public affairs. She also continued her dance training while in college. 

    One more fun fact: Sarrah actually spent one year as a Colts cheerleader and had the opportunity to visit troops overseas and travel to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain. Which is baller for her because she's a travel junkie. 

    Click Here for Sarrah W.'s Official Bio and Gallery.

10. Shalize, Orlando Magic

91 of 101

    Shapely Shalize is a three-year veteran of the Magic dancers and was born and raised in Orlando. After earning her associates degree, she plans to attend UFC and seek a bachelors degree in public relations. She's a little bit of everything—Puerto Rican, African-American and white—and she can understand Spanish perfectly, but can't speak it!

    One more fun fact: Like Dwight Howard before her, Shalize has her sights set on moving to a big city like New York or Los Angeles. What's in the water in Orlando? Whatever it is, it's driving their residents away. 

    Click here for Shalize's Official Bio and Gallery. 

9. Emily, Toronto Raptors

92 of 101

    Canadian cutie Emily is a classically-trained dancer who teaches dance when she isn't shaking her stuff for the Raptors. She was born in the country but lives in Toronto now; she says she's always been a big city girl at heart. Emily lists her favorite store as "the zoo," because she loves it and wishes it was a store. Awww! I guess the gift shop counts?

    One more fun fact: Emily has two vastly different hidden talents: speaking in multiple accents and flipping her blonde hair to attract attention. Combine the two at once and you've got something no man can resist. 

    Click Here for Emily's Official Bio and Gallery.

    *Note: This was pulled from the 2011-12 site, it hasn't been updated yet. Hopefully she's still there. 

8. Ashley, Chicago Bulls

93 of 101

    Alluring Ashley is a native of Streamwood, Illinois and a graduate of the University of Illinois. She's a philanthropist by nature and currently works with a number of charities she formed relationships with during her reign as Miss Illinois. Ashley works as a personal trainer and is an absolute fitness enthuisast; you can check out her blog Body By Bond if you want some fitness tips. 

    One more fun fact: Ashley actually lists Lance Armstrong as someone who continuously inspires her to reach her goals and never give up. She even quotes him. I'm thinking this probably hasn't been updated in the last couple of months. Oh! And she once appeared in a commercial with Mike Ditka. 

    Click Here for Ashley's Official Bio and Gallery.

7. Devon, Washington Wizards

94 of 101

    Delicious Devon is a three-year veteran of the Wizard Girls and a graduate of Syracuse University who works as a software engineer. She loves Jamaican food, prefers Twitter to Facebook and her favorite spot for a date in the nation's capital is a Wizards game. Which is weird, because wouldn't she be working? 

    One more fun fact: Devon has a very wide range of TV interests, her favorite shows include Toddlers and Tiaras, Everybody Loves Raymond, Ghost Hunters and Dance Moms. 

    Click here for Devon's Official Bio and Gallery.

6. Cassidy, Boston Celtics

95 of 101

    Cassidy was born and raised in Hillsborough, New Jersey, but despite that, she grew up wanting to be a princess. She's graduate of the University of Rhode Island, her favorite food is tacos and her dream destination for a vacation is Greece. 

    One more fun fact: Cassidy's favorite YouTube video is the Ultimate Dog Tease, which is seriously one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I have officially forgiven her for the princess thing. 

    Click Here for Cassidy's Official Bio and Gallery.

5. Jocelyn, L.A. Clippers

96 of 101

    Eye-pleasing Jocelyn is a rookie Clippers dancer who came to L.A. all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah. Talk about culture shock. For some reason her nickname is "Jaba," which I must admit I love. Jocelyn is an outdoorsy type girl who loves traveling, scuba diving, boating, tubing and wakeboarding. And when she's inside, she watches sports.  

    One more fun fact: If you are looking for a hot blonde to watch scary movies with, Jocelyn is not your girl. She's terrified by them and would much rather sit down for a chick flick marathon. Anything featuring Hugh Grant, Rachel McAdam or Owen Wilson will do. 

    Click Here for Jocelyn's Official Bio and Gallery.

4. Zakiya, Atlanta Hawks

97 of 101

    Zakya is a four year veteran Hawks dancer who loves to laugh all the time. She can bust out a cartwheel at any moment, she's a raw vegan (ew), she's got a thing for booty shorts and her favorite song is "Baby Got Back." Which explains the booty shorts. 

    One more fun fact: Zakiya enjoys numbers (just generally) and frequently falls off jet skis. 

    Click here for Zakiya's Official Bio and Gallery. 

3. Morgan, Boston Celtics

98 of 101

    Ms. Morgan is a Celtics dancer who was born and bred in the great city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (I may be biased, being a Pittsburgh girl myself.) She's kind of a germaphobe, so you better cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough in her vicinity. And the theme song to her life is "Eye of the Tiger," which is just too baller for words. There's more in her official bio about my official girl crush. 

    One more fun fact: When Morgan was younger, she wanted to be an astronaut or the president of the United States. Hottest. President. Ever. Seriously.  

    Click Here for Morgan's Gallery.

2. Ginger, New Orleans Hornets

99 of 101

    Traffic stopping stunner Ginger is a three year veteran of the Hornets Honeybees dancers and was born and raised in Chalmette, Louisiana. She's a graduate of the University of New Orleans, where she cheered all four years, and went on to become a staff member for the Universal Cheerleading Association. 

    One more fun fact: Ginger literally loves everything about New Orleans: Jazz, street cars, crawfish, the amazing people, VooDoo fest (WTF?), Mardi Gras and all the local sports teams. 

    Click Here for Ginger's Official Bio and Gallery.

1. Stephanie U., Miami Heat

100 of 101

    Simply stunning Stephanie U. is a rookie Heat dancer who is an aspiring Radio City Rockette. She's a jock at heart who used to beat down the competition in school and once completed a five-mile run with active Marines (Oorah!) in Japan. After her dancing days are behind her, Stephanie would like to pursue a career in sports broadcasting—look out, Erin Andrews (and everyone else!).

    One more fun fact: Stephanie lists her favorite movie as White Chicks, which might be one of the most stunning revelations in the history of the world. Good for her in owning that, though; I certainly wouldn't fess up. 

    Click here for Stephanie U.'s Official Bio.

And Now My Apologies To…

101 of 101

    The Rockets Power Dancers, Cleveland Cavalier Girls, Knicks City Dancers and the Brooklynettes Dancers. I wanted to include you all, but someone in your organization has failed at timely web updates. But we love you all. 

    Now how about y'all do me a favor, since I've done so much for you. Follow me on Twitter. I promise to say stupid and inappropriate things on the regular.